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Free shipping on orders over 22,000 yen including tax
表情豊かな一点物の天板 - Coupe dining table
MAIL MAGAZINE | issue 01

Expressive one-of-a-kind tabletop
Coupe dining table

For those looking for a dining table for their new life, such as when moving or building a new home.
Introducing the ``Coupe Dining Table,'' which is attractive with its intentionally left ears (bark), smooth wood texture, and beautiful wood grain.

Coupe is a luxurious table made with plenty of teak, a high-quality material that is resistant to moisture. The expressive one-of-a-kind top plate is attractive. The pale, light atmosphere is due to the unpainted finish of solid teak. It has a matte finish with a gentle wood texture, and the careful sanding gives it a smooth feel.

Coupe dining table 1500
Loimi Pendant Light
Brunch chair

The expression and texture of this Coupe's unique transparent top plate shows a variety of expressions depending on the viewing angle and seasonal light.It's one of the pleasures. The flavor will deepen.
You can enjoy your daily setup to the fullest by changing out fabrics such as placemats and rugs, and tableware.

Combined with the "Coupe Bench Chair" from the series. I tried to create a winter-like coordination with a Moroccan rug in nuanced colors and a fur chair mat.

Coupe dining table 1800
Coupe bench chair 1800
Weekend linen chair
sheepskin chair pad

Coupe's appeal is that it blends seamlessly with vintage ERCOL chairs and tribal rugs. You can fully enjoy your own unique interior, which is different from other people's with its relaxed presence.

Coupe dining table 1800
Weekend chair
Brunch chair

It goes great with seasonal greenery and glass tableware. It complements the light presence unique to the Coupe, giving it a refreshing impression. Coordinates with "Coupe Bench Chair" and "Coupe Bench."

Coupe dining table 1800
Coupe bench chair 1800
Coupe bench 1800

It's also great for heavy-duty pottery ◎Every day's meals will become a fun time.

Available in 2 sizes: W150cm / 180cm. This is how three chairs are lined up at W180cm. The standard size of a dining table is 60cm (width for one person) at home.

This is how two chairs are lined up at W180cm. We also recommend using the spacious size for homes and restaurants that have a lot of visitors.

How to care for it: Apply wax regularly to make it waterproof and water repellent, so you can enjoy beautiful changes over time. We recommend Arbor dry wax for those who want a dry color that looks like no paint. Due to its high volatility, dry wax returns to a dry texture after being applied. This is a new type of wax that does not have a moist texture compared to oil or other waxes. Please purchase from the Maruhon official website.
*Since teak itself is a wood that retains a lot of oil, the color will gradually deepen and become more glossy over time.
Arbor dry wax (Maruhon official website)

Although the WAX ​​used varies, please refer to the following for general care methods for solid wood furniture.

How to care for solid wood furniture

Coupe series

The intentionally left ears and beautiful wood grain are attractive.

Coupe “Cut out”
A one-of-a-kind item with a rich expression that befits its name.

A luxurious series made with plenty of solid teak wood, a high-quality material that is resistant to moisture.

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