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Free shipping on orders over 22,000 yen including tax
Free shipping on orders over 22,000 yen including tax

About product notes

The products sold in the ANTRY online store (hereafter referred to as our shop) differ in size, form, color, shading, wood grain, knots, and other expressions and textures. It is difficult to present all individual differences on the product page, so we would appreciate it if you could understand that there are individual differences and purchase.

About product photos

Product photos are randomly selected from among many, and may differ from the delivered product for the above reasons.

Since the photos are taken in a bright environment with natural light, the impression may differ from the actual product depending on the customer's monitor settings and room lighting. Please be aware that due to the characteristics of an online shop, there may be differences.

Other notes when ordering

  • Some items are limited in quantity. Please pardon the case of run out.
  • The specifications and prices of the listed products are subject to change or discontinuation without notice.
  • Inventory management is thorough, but it may be out of stock at the time of ordering.
  • Due to the production process, there may be differences in shape, size, and color depending on the production time.
  • There are individual differences depending on the product, but you cannot choose.
  • There may be scratches or abrasions during the manufacturing and transportation process, but we ship it as a non-defective product.

About the characteristics of products and materials

About secular change

In our store, there are products that are finished with only oil or unpainted so that you can enjoy the texture and atmosphere of the material itself as it ages. Please understand that changes in color and texture over time are also part of the charm of the product.

Storage location

Please note that using in the following places may cause deformation, cracks, color transfer, etc.

  • Locations exposed to direct sunlight
  • Humid place, closed space
  • Locations exposed to direct air conditioning
  • A place that touches a whitish floor or wall

About material properties

Below is a summary of the characteristics, precautions, and handling methods for each material. Please be sure to check the notes on each product page.

*We cannot accept returns or exchanges if the items on this page or the notes on each product page apply. Please be sure to check before ordering and make sure you understand it before purchasing.

About wooden products

  • Store in a well-ventilated place. Humidity and extreme dryness can cause deformation and cracking.
  • Natural wood has different grain, knots, shades, etc. depending on where it is cut, so there are individual differences in expression and color. In addition, in the case of products that make use of the shape of wood, the form will also vary.
  • There are products that intentionally retain their roughness, including cracks, scratches, chips, and seams that have occurred over time.
  • The oil contained in the wood may appear on the surface like a stain.

About old wood, recycled wood, and insect-eaten wood

It is wood taken out from houses and buildings that have been built for decades. In addition to the unique colors and textures that have evolved over time, the natural roughness that has been exposed to rain and wind, and the partially remaining paint before peeling off, are attractive features unique to old materials that give you a sense of the story. For this reason, products that use these materials always have individual differences in knots, wood grain, degree of decay, and color, and these individual differences are also characteristic.

About vintage remake products

  • Vintage items have been used for many years, so there are fine scratches and small chips.
  • Remake products are products that have been processed to be easy to use while retaining the characteristics of vintage products. In some cases, scratches and chips are also used as charm.

About iron products

  • Although it is a strong material, it may be deformed if a strong impact is applied. Please handle with care.
  • There may be scratches due to the manufacturing and transportation process.
  • Rust may occur when used in wet or humid locations.

brass products

  • Most of our brass products are not surface-treated to prevent oxidation over time, so fingerprints and stains easily stick to them.
  • Brass is characterized by unevenness in its expression, dullness, and changes in color as it is used more frequently.
  • Compared to iron, it is a material that is resistant to red rust and rot, but water may cause bluish-green rust called "rokusho" on the surface.

leather goods

  • Some color changes and stains are inevitable due to water wetness and friction.
  • Please be aware that color transfer may stain your clothes.
  • If you expose it to the sun for a long time, it may become discolored.
  • Please be careful not to leave it in a hot and humid place as it may cause deformation or deterioration.
  • If you want to minimize changes and stains, we recommend using a separate protector.


  • It's a very delicate piece. Dropping or strong impact may damage it.
  • Depending on the production lot and handwork, individual differences can be seen in the finished size, thickness, air bubbles, distortion, flow patterns, and other textures.
  • Do not place near heat sources such as heaters or cooking utensils, or near fire.
  • For your safety, do not use if damaged.
  • Please follow the instructions of each local government for disposal.
  • Please be careful where you put it in your home with small children and pets.
  • Some products do not have a waterproof coating.
  • Please note that polishing and washing may cause damage/injury.

cloth products

  • Natural fibers have bulging knots (neps) and are prone to weaving scratches.
  • Due to the characteristics of the fabric, it may fade or fade after being used for a certain period of time.
  • There may be some variation in size or distortion, and the pattern may be misaligned depending on where it is cut.
  • Please refer to the care label for care and other precautions.
  • If you want to minimize changes and stains, we recommend using a separate protector.

pottery products

  • It is made by hand to preserve the natural texture and texture. The glaze is hand-applied one by one, and the surface pattern is different for each product, but it is a taste unique to handmade products.
  • The fine, thin cracks that can be seen on the surface of the pottery are a type of decoration called “kannyu,” and are considered to be a highlight in terms of appreciation.
  • Please refrain from using it with water as it may bleed out. If you use it as a flowerpot, you need to put a saucer in it, and if you put fresh flowers in it, you need to put it in a glass or bottle.

Rattan products (rattan, aralog, etc.)

  • There may be individual differences due to hand knitting, breakage of knitted parts, protrusions at the end of knitting, hangnails, rattling, loose stitches, etc., but this is a characteristic of natural materials.
  • Places exposed to direct sunlight, strong lighting, or wet places are prone to discoloration. Also be aware of humidity, which can cause mold.

Dried flower

  • Dried flowers are materials made by drying fresh flowers. Because it is a natural product, each one has a different look and no two are the same. The color and texture gradually change due to seasonal changes (temperature and humidity) and aging such as dryness. Please enjoy it as a characteristic of dried flowers.
  • All are different shapes, sizes and different colors due to natural flowers. The flower shape and size may vary depending on the season and production area.
  • The material is easily damaged even with a slight impact, so please handle it with care when installing it.
  • Please note that it is weak against direct sunlight and humidity. Please keep it away from water.
  • Since it is a dry material, the leaves have already fallen or are in a state where they are easy to fall off.
  • If you are concerned about dust, use a soft bristle brush or a brush like a paintbrush to remove the dust.
  • When storing it, it is possible to store it in a dry cardboard that blocks the sunlight and put a desiccant or insect repellent.