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Free shipping on orders over 22,000 yen including tax


Living close to vintage

ANTRY is a company that proposes "living life" by producing and selling all kinds of things related to daily life.

In 1999, ANTRY, a small shop that sells imported and original miscellaneous goods, was opened in Izumi City, Osaka Prefecture. At that time, the existence of general stores was rare. After that, the old textile factory was renovated and the current ``ANTRY Izumi'' opened. The store sells furniture, miscellaneous goods, plants, and clothing in a two-story building with an area of ​​80 tsubo per floor, aiming to become a ``store that can offer a complete lifestyle proposal,'' which is the foundation of today's ANTRY INC.

"Vintage" is the core of this, and in 2000 we started going to Europe and the United States to buy them, and in 2011 we started importing 40-foot containers in earnest. We were the first to introduce the appeal of the company's furniture.

Our idea of ​​``ideal living = living in harmony with vintage'' is to incorporate items into our daily lives that still retain their quality even after passing through the ages. It's important to treat things with care as their appeal increases with continued use. A life where you enjoy every day and value who you are. Every day, we pursue approaches to the "lifestyle" that we desire.

The birth of ``GENUINE,'' an original product brand with the slogan ``Living in harmony with vintage'' and ``always beautiful, always easy to use,'' and the online store ``PARTS & SUPPLY,'' which specializes in building materials and housing parts. We have created an environment where we can propose the ideal lifestyle from multiple angles, such as by opening ``.

“Much more beautiful and much easier to use”

We will continue to style interiors throughout Japan with original products and items selected from all over the world that will still stand the test of time.


- Opened antry in Izumi City

the year of 2000
- Established Entry Ltd.

- ANTRY relocation

year 2012
- PARTS & SUPPLY (P&S) opened *Closed, currently only online store

- Opening of Folk *Closing in 2021

- P&S Minamihorie Open
- ANTRY online store opened

- ANTRY Minamihorie Open: Merged with P&S Minamihorie *Closed on July 26, 2020

- Start of operation of UKA FARM TABLE

- Opened a showroom at KLASI COLLEGE, Minato-ku, Osaka
- ANTRY Izumi 20th anniversary

- SCOUT VINTAGE online store opened

- ANTRY Izumi 25th anniversary

Company Profile

Company name ANTRY INC.
main office 〒594-1105
3-1-23 Nozomino, Izumi City, Osaka Prefecture
representative Satoshi Fujisaki
Founding November 1999
Establishment December 2000
capital 10 million yen
Permission number

General construction business license number Osaka prefectural governor license (general-28) No. 136598

Osaka Prefectural Public Safety Commission Antique Dealer Permit No. 622110146851

Business content Manufacture and sale of furniture, miscellaneous goods, etc., import/export business (separate company: food and beverage business and food manufacturing and retail sales)