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\Summer big sale/Now being held [until July 30]
\Summer big sale/Now being held [until July 30]
Rustic Wood

Rustic Wood series

rustic wood

Preserving the beauty and dynamism of nature

Unique features, such as the undulations and ruggedness of the trunk, are left untouched.
Rustic wood series that makes the most of the shapes created by nature

Rough coolness, cuteness that makes you feel affectionate, etc.
Each item is unique


Teak wood nurtured by magnificent nature Knots, cracks, and distortions unique to natural wood Striped patterns unique to teak wood

Luxurious use of teakwood, one of the world's three most precious woods. Craftsmen make it by hand while taking advantage of the original texture of natural wood. Not only the color and expression, but also the size and form are unique, and the cracks, scratches, chips, and seams that are unique to teak wood over time are unique, and no two pieces are alike. You can enjoy the heavy construction and rustic taste that retains the roughness unique to handwork.


A fusion of modern and natural A simple design with no frills and a unique shape that expands the image

The well-worn appearance and wood look are of course suitable for vintage and Moroccan styles, but they can also be used as BOHO style accents that match clean and modern interiors. The form, which combines a natural atmosphere with modern design elements, enhances the impression of the space.


The texture of wood that changes over time Enjoy the variety of expressions created by light and the transition of time

The natural light in the morning and evening, the beautiful shadows that emerge depending on the lighting conditions, and the expression that has already accumulated time, but the more you use it, the more calm the texture will be. This is the charm of the Rustic Wood series.


About individual differences

The atmosphere and expression are full of individuality, and it is an item like a work of art that cannot be expressed with ready-made products. You can't choose the shape you like, but the simple texture and primitive finish will make you creative and imagine various styling ideas from the moment you receive it.