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How to care for solid wood furniture

Solid wood furniture is a living material that breathes every day. Cracks and warping may occur due to drying, expansion, and contraction depending on humidity and temperature. Daily maintenance is important for long-term use.

In addition, since water easily permeates solid wood, we recommend using a cleaning method that is water-repellent.

BEFORE If water is dropped on unpainted wood, it will permeate along the wood grain and leave stains.

After application of AFTER maintenance material. The shape of the water droplets rises firmly and repels water.

Daily maintenance

Wipe off dirt and dust with a soft, dry cloth. When wiping with water, wipe with a damp cloth that has been tightly wrung out. Don't forget to dry it if it gets too wet.

Semi-annual maintenance method

what to prepare

  • Maintenance material This time, we will use Renapur®, which is also available at the ANTRY online store. A naturally derived product containing beeswax and jojoba oil, it gives oil to the wood, prevents it from drying out, and gives it a natural luster and water-repellent effect.
  • A soft worn-out cloth. Towels and kitchen paper can also be substituted.

You can prevent cracking and warping by regularly maintaining and oiling the wood. You can enjoy aging and use it for a long time.

* When using the maintenance material for the first time, first test it on the back of the top plate or in an inconspicuous place.

From here, it will be the procedure of the maintenance method of basic solid wood furniture.

① Wipe the dirt

Wipe off any dust or dirt on the surface. Please use a dry cloth.

② Preparation of maintenance materials

Apply the maintenance material to a clean waste cloth. A small amount is effective, so the trick is not to apply too much in one use. If you go in one direction along the grain, you can paint evenly and neatly.

③ Allow time

Don't forget to paint the sides as well. After painting, leave it for a while to absorb the maintenance material. Approximately 10 to 20 minutes is a guideline for the time.

④ Wipe off excess maintenance material

Over time, excess ingredients that have not been absorbed will remain on the surface. Wipe along the wood grain with a clean, dry cloth. Don't forget to wipe the sides as well.

⑤ Dry for at least 30 minutes

After wiping dry, let it dry for a while until the stickiness disappears. Place it in a dust-free and well-ventilated place. If stickiness remains after 30 minutes or more, wipe dry again.

⑥ Polish up

Finish by polishing the surface with a clean, dry cloth. Don't forget to polish the sides as well.

From ① to ④ will be the first process. Apply two coats to enhance the effect of the paint. Repeat steps 2 to 4 for the second coat.

*Used rags may spontaneously ignite in rare cases, so please wet them with water before disposing of them.

By doing it regularly, the tree will absorb the nutrients properly. “Once every six months” is just a guideline. The condition of the furniture also changes depending on the environment in which it is placed, so please find a method that suits your furniture while considering the frequency of use of the furniture and your preference for the finish condition.

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