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COUPE series crack repair method

Solid wood furniture is a living material that breathes every day. Because it always shrinks and expands depending on the humidity, some warping and cracking may occur.

This time we will introduce how to repair when the top plate is cracked. Since this is only a temporary measure, it cannot be restored to its original state, but it fills in the gaps to create a smooth surface.

Things to prepare

  • Masking tape
  • beeswax
  • A clean dry cloth (such as an unnecessary towel)
  • household iron
  • sandpaper
  • Plastic cards (such as IC cards)

① Apply masking tape

Apply masking tape along the cracked area. It is safe to put extra tape or double tape so that the melted beeswax does not protrude.

② Add beeswax

Use your finger to push the beeswax along the crevice. If you knead it by hand, it will become soft, so it will be easier to put it in the gap if you push it after making it long and thin.

③ Repeat embedding beeswax

Push it many times to fill the gap repeatedly.

④ Iron

Set a household iron on high heat and press it over a dry cloth to melt the white beeswax until it turns clear.

⑤ Add more beeswax to the part that is not in

Put beeswax in the part that is not in while checking if the beeswax is in the void. Repeat until the beeswax is incorporated. Once inside, the beeswax is dried for about a day.

⑥ Remove the masking tape

Remove the masking tape, and if there is a part where the beeswax has not entered, push in the beeswax left on the masking or new beeswax.

⑦ Remove excess beeswax

Use a plastic card such as an IC card to scrape off the raised part.

⑧ Apply sandpaper

After scraping it off, apply sandpaper. Polish carefully so that no beeswax remains.

⑨ Complete when the surface is smooth

The COUPE series is a bright tree species, so the repaired part will look like the photo. If the shrinkage creates gaps again or pushes out the beeswax, repeat the process.

*Beeswax is soft even after hardening, so please do not touch it after finishing.

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