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Free shipping on orders over 22,000 yen including tax

A comfortable life with wool rugs

ANTRY has started handling Hotta Carpet's wool rug brand "COURT". COURT is a rug brand produced by Hotta Carpet, a long-established manufacturer founded in 1962. The highest quality domestic wool rugs/carpets made with particular attention to wool production areas, sheep breeds, and manufacturing methods for each product.

The wool material that Hotta Carpet is particular about has excellent functionality as well as the comfort of natural fibers. It also has humidity control and soundproofing effects, so you can experience a comfortable life with a rug/carpet all year round. This time, we will introduce the charm of such a wool rug.

1. Comfortable all year round

Wool has the ability to regulate humidity and maintain a constant air quality throughout the room. Moisture-absorbing effect keeps you dry and comfortable in summer. Although it depends on the area of ​​the carpet, it is excellent enough to prevent condensation. Of course in winter it also keeps the warm air even. It also saves energy for air conditioners, and you can enjoy the charm and texture of wool carpets all year round.

2. Easy to clean

A vacuum cleaner is enough for regular maintenance. Playful hair (excess hair), which is a characteristic of wool, gradually comes out from the surface, so dirt can be removed together with it, and it can be kept clean by frequent vacuuming. We do not recommend brushes or roller cleaners as they are easily damaged.

3. Resistant to moisture

Just like human hair repels water, wool has a natural cuticle effect, so it won't soak in for a few minutes, and if you spill a cold drink on it, you can wipe it off with a dry towel and it won't stain. Hot water and hot beverages are easily absorbed, so please wipe off any spills immediately.

4. Resistant to fatigue

Wool is a material with high elasticity and resilience compared to chemical fibers and cotton products. Once the synthetic fiber is worn out, it almost never returns to its original state. Only furniture marks and places where you sit and walk a lot will become dented, but wool is a material that easily returns to its natural state over time, just like your hair does. It is easy to return quickly and is effective when I use steam irons.

5. Safe for allergies

There is a theory that allergic reactions are not caused by the carpet itself, but may be caused by poorly cleaned carpets or by inhaling dust (house dust). Wool carpet absorbs dust and has the effect of suppressing the rise of dust that causes house dust, so keeping it clean with a basic vacuum cleaner is an anti-allergic measure.

6. Peace of mind with pets

If you have a pet, you may be worried about the odor attached to the rug. In fact, wool is a fiber with excellent deodorizing effect. Wool material has deodorant and humidity control properties, so it is currently attracting a lot of attention as an inner layer for outdoor use.

In the case of cats, there is also the worry of nail sharpening. Loop piles are particularly easy to get caught in by nails, so cut piles are best. Also, cut pile is easier to remove dirt, so if you have pets, we recommend using Local Woolen Court's cut pile from the maintenance point of view.

Hotta carpet is particular about wool not only for its durability, but also for its long-lasting beauty. COURT is a special rug that uses the finest wool material to increase the density, which is the definition of a good rug, and maintain it for a long time. Please experience the comfortable life unique to wool rugs.

At the ANTRY Izumi store, the COURT series is on display. Please check the advanced technology of Hotta carpet and the texture of wool rugs. If you purchase the COURT series during the campaign period, you will receive an original Hotta carpet playing card or carpet cleaner. Click here for details.

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