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\Summer big sale/Now being held [until July 30]
\Summer big sale/Now being held [until July 30]

Gino side cushions

Color: Khaki (canvas)
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Gino Free Fabric Sample Please use the free sample service to check the texture and color of the actual fabric.

A comfortable cushion that deepens your attachment

  • Matching fabric with sofa for perfect coordination.
  • Additional comfort with back and elbow height adjustment.
  • Dry cleanable with full covering.
  • Made in Japan with an original manufacturing method.
  • With the separately sold cover, you can change into corduroy in winter and canvas in summer.


size W530 D150 H430 (mm)
canvas khaki/beige
corduroy brown/green
internal material 100% down
material Canvas/Paraffin/Biowash Rough processing Corduroy/Rough processing
deadline Made-to-order production about 3-4 months *It may vary greatly depending on the manufacturing situation.

Description of item

Cushions made from the same fabric as the GINO sofa series. The sofa and cushions can be matched to complete the styling. Adults and children alike can relax and enjoy watching movies for a long time or reading in the same posture without worrying about their physique.

The cover is available in canvas and corduroy fabrics. The paraffin-processed canvas fabric reflects the habits and frequency of the user, and the softness increases. The corduroy fabric is vintage-processed, and the long pile and uneven fur make it look like antique furniture. The colors are rich and expressive. You can enjoy the change of light and shade.

Dry cleaning is also possible with full covering. The inner cushion is generously padded with feathers.

Combine it with the series canvas and corduroy sofa for a more luxurious and relaxing time.
Click here for the Gino series

*Price is for one cushion.