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\Summer big sale/Now being held [until July 30]
\Summer big sale/Now being held [until July 30]

Gino sofa corduroy

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Color: Brown (corduroy)
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Gino Free Fabric Sample Please use the free sample service to check the texture and color of the actual fabric.

Gino sofa corduroy



W1380 D900 H870 SH420mm


W1680 D900 H870 SH420mm


W1980 D900 H870 SH420mm

[height under the sofa]
Approximately 100mm (common to all sizes)

Color brown / green
Under the seat: Straight spring Seat core: Chip urethane, highly elastic foam Seat and back: Feather, low-resilience cotton Legs: Solid oak, oil finish Corduroy: Rough processing
deadline Made-to-order production about 3-4 months
*It may vary greatly depending on the manufacturing situation.
remarks ・Side cushions are not included. Click here to purchase
・Product images include images after aging. In addition, the color tone changes depending on the sunlight and the color of the light bulb.

A proud corduroy sofa inspired by an antique chair I met on a trip.

GINO was born in pursuit of the ultimate in comfort, a new yet used texture, and an appearance that blends in with the space. The basic style of Europe is kept as it is, and it is finished in a design that blends seamlessly with living spaces in Japan.

Wrapped in the warmth of antiques

The well-used fabric of the antique chair I met while traveling had a texture and taste that could only be born from decades of continuous use from person to person. Inspired by such Danish antique chairs, we produced corduroy fabric.

Corduroy is characterized by its luster and firm elasticity, but the long pile and uneven coat give it a vintage-like finish. By continuing to use it, you can grow it to the original texture.

The colors are brown and green. Both change to a tasteful color taste so as to embezzle it.

Corduroy is often thought to be hot in the summer, but it is hygroscopic and keeps the surface dry, so it can be used all year round. It can be used for many years, so you can deepen your attachment to it while enjoying the texture of the fabric and the expressive color tones that change over time.

Since it is a full-covering specification, it is also possible to change the color and fabric with the cover sold separately .

Maximum comfort and openness

The secret to the comfort of being wrapped around you when you sit is inside the cushions on the back and seat. The back cushion is made of high-quality soft feather and low-resilience cotton. Combining the resilience of feathers with the elastic fiber that easily absorbs air, it is possible to achieve both a firm hold and durability.

The seat cushion has 4 layers of urethane foam covered with feathers and low-resilience cotton. The softness of the feathers and the urethane core support the body and provide a sense of stability that does not sink in, so you won't get tired even if you sit for a long time, and it will also reduce internal twisting.

The wooden frame that supports the most important cushion adopts a straight spring structure with excellent elasticity and durability that does not yield to the distortion caused by the movement of standing. The spring is supported by the surrounding wooden frame, making it a strong structure. Using woodworking techniques such as "reinforcement," "chipping," and "pressing," the entire process is done by hand with careful attention to detail, all processes are consistent in Japan, and finished under reliable quality control.

Sofas are always at the center of spaces such as homes and offices. Whether you are relaxing alone or having a lively conversation with a large group of people, you will spend precious time together.

Relaxed but discreet

The arm part is finished as thin as possible, ensuring enough space to relax. Compact and easy-to-use 2P for singles. 2.5P is spacious enough for two adults to sit on. And we have a lineup of 3P that even men can lie down comfortably. You can choose according to various lifestyles.

Each sofa can also be combined with an ottoman . Place the ottoman on the 2P and place it in an L shape to lie down. In the living room, you can make the irreplaceable time even more special, such as family gathering with 3P and 1P .

To make your relaxing time even more luxurious, there are also cushions designed for Gino. From adults to children, you can spend time without worrying about your physique, and you can relax and enjoy watching movies for a long time or reading in the same posture.

Your own Gino depending on the options

There are two types of legs made of solid oak wood, the “rokuro leg” and the “square leg”. The sophisticated silhouette of the potter's wheel legs creates a space with a vintage taste. The orthodox square legs are perfect for a simple and modern room. You can match it with a variety of interior styles.

About change to knockdown type

Option to change to a removable arm (2.5P, 3P only). When the size of the sofa is too large for the delivery route, removing the arm from the main body changes the shape and makes it easier to carry. After installing it in your room, it looks and feels like a normal sofa.
Click here for a video of the dismantling procedure

* Only 2.5P and 3P of GINO fabric type can be selected.
*This option can be selected when ordering (+¥22,000). Changes cannot be made after an order has been placed.
*It will be delivered in a dismantled state.
*Even if you change to the knockdown type, you may not be able to carry it in. Please be sure to read " About bringing in large furniture " and check the delivery route and size before ordering.

free fabric samples

The color tone changes depending on the sunlight, the color of the lighting, and the brightness. Please use the free sample service to check the texture and color of the actual fabric.
Click here for Gino free fabric samples


"Beautiful and robust, the more you use it, the more you like it" Simple, beautiful, functional, sturdy, and long-lasting. I want it to be a sofa that snuggles up to someone's life like a vintage loved for generations. While maintaining the essence of the basic European style that served as the base, we aimed for a design that blends seamlessly into living spaces in Japan and that does not discriminate against styles.