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\Summer big sale/Now being held [until July 30]
\Summer big sale/Now being held [until July 30]

Calm dining table

受注生産 送料無料
D (depth)
W (width)
[ 受注生産品について ] ※ご注文後のキャンセルはお受け致しかねます。

Basic design, simple solid table

  • The rich expression and warmth of solid natural oak.
  • Order the width and depth of your choice.
  • Knockdown (assembly) formula.
  • Hidden adjuster specifications.


size & width
D: Depth, W: Width

D\W 800 ~900 ~1300 ~1500 ~1800 ~2000
800 ¥111,100 ¥114,400 ¥123,200 ¥130,900 ¥146,300 ¥168,300
850 ¥117,700 ¥121,000 ¥130,900 ¥139,700 ¥155,100 ¥180,400
900 ¥124,300 ¥127,600 ¥138,600 ¥148,500 ¥163,900 ¥192,500
  • H (height) 700mm standard (can be cut)
    Up to 750mm: Option +¥11,000
    Up to 360mm: Option +¥4,400
  • With a height of 700mm, chairs up to a height of 610mm will fit.
  • W (Width): Orderable in units of 100mm
  • D (Depth): Orderable in increments of 50mm
  • Thickness of top plate and curtain plate: 90 mm for all sizes
Color medium brown/dark brown
Material Solid oak (oil finish)
deadline Made-to-order manufacturing about 1.5 months

Description of item

A dining table made from solid oak. Since it is finished with oil, you can feel the charm of soft and expressive oak.
Although it is a basic design with only straight lines, it has a neutral presence without being too rugged.

Every time you use it every day, the color will gradually change to a deeper color, and you can fully enjoy the aging. The more you take care of it, the more it will taste better 5 or 10 years from now, so you can use it with love for a long time. Match it with the series low table to create a clean and unified look in your room.
Click here for the Calm series

Width (W) and depth (D) can be selected from a wide range of sizes. You can flexibly adapt to your space.

[How to choose a size]

  • Estimated space for one person...W600 D400 (mm)
  • W800~1100...Spacious for 2~3 people
  • W1200~1700...For 4~5 people , if all 4 are adults, we recommend setting W to 1400 or more for a more spacious room.
  • W1800~2000...For 6 people or more , if you want to sit on the short side, you can comfortably place the tableware by setting the depth to 850mm or 900mm.
  • You can adjust W and D according to your needs, such as when you want to accommodate visitors, secure a study space for your child, or set up a display space.
  • A table height of 700mm can accommodate chairs up to 610mm in height.

The color tone changes depending on the sun, the color of the lighting, and the brightness. Please use the free sample service to check the actual texture and color.
[Click here for free samples]