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\Summer big sale/Now being held [until July 30]
\Summer big sale/Now being held [until July 30]

Fisherman's Court wool rug

別途送料 受注生産
Color: IVORY
[ 受注生産品について ] ※ご注文後のキャンセルはお受け致しかねます。

Durable Wilton fabric woven on a rare loom in the world

  • 100% wool made mainly from England.
  • A deep color that blends well with your interior.
  • Soft and firm to the touch.
  • Thin and light enough to move around when cleaning.
  • A wide range of sizes.
  • "Water repellent effect" by natural oil content.
  • "Humidity control" that also acts as a countermeasure against condensation.
  • "Cleaning function" of the surface by idle hair.
  • "Strong fiber" with durability and resilience.
  • Compatible with floor heating and hot carpet.


1. 60×40 W600 L400 (mm) ¥11,000
2. 80×50 W800 L500 (mm) ¥16,500
3.90×60 W900 L600 (mm) ¥24,200
4. 120×50 W1200 L500 (mm) ¥24,200
5. 140 × 100 W1400 L1000 (mm) ¥46,200
6. 200 × 140 W2000 L1400 (mm) ¥90,200
7. 200 × 200 W2000 L2000 (mm) ¥129,800
8. 180×240 W1800 L2400 (mm) ¥151,800
9. 200×250 W2000 L2500 (mm) ¥162,800
10. 200 × 300 W2000 L3000 (mm) ¥195,800

*Large rug image with tag is 6. 200 x 140 in size.

Material Surface: 100% wool (British wool blend)
Back: Cotton blend base fabric
Edge processing overlock
kinds wilton carpet
Thickness Pile length: 3 mm / total length: 4 mm
deadline about 3 weeks

Description of item

Fisherman's Court with a design motif of a fisherman's sweater worn by British fishermen when working at sea in winter. The weave of the carpet expresses a characteristic rope-like pattern.

The threads are made using a technique called "cotton dyeing", in which the raw material wool is dyed in various colors to create threads that match the interior. All of the rugs are made soft and light, making them easy to handle and easy to move and dry when cleaning the rug. Laying a rug also has the effect of gathering dust and debris and making it difficult to fly in the air.

About free fabric samples <br>You can request a free sample that allows you to check the actual colors and textures that are difficult to convey on the screen.
* Up to 7 types per person
COURT wool rug free fabric sample request

Functions of wool material for long and beautiful use of rugs

  • "Water repellent effect" by natural oil
    The natural cuticle effect of wool floats moisture, making it difficult for dirt to stick and easy to remove.
  • "Humidity control" to prevent condensation
    The sheep's wool adapts to severe temperature differences, so it adjusts the humidity comfortably, making it difficult for the air in the room to get stuffy and dry.
  • "Cleaning function" of the surface by idle hair
    The superfine hairs on the surface are removed moderately and the surface is always clean, so just a vacuum cleaner (roller type) is enough for everyday cleaning.
  • "Strong fiber" with durability and resilience
    Because it is highly elastic natural wool, it can be restored by steam ironing or cleaning even if it gets worn out.

daily care


  • Do not wash or dry clean at home.
  • Be careful with warm liquids and oils.
  • If you spill a drink, etc., absorb the dirt with a dry cloth as soon as possible. For oil stains, please use hot water or steam cleaner.
  • If you are concerned about dirt, please use a steam cleaner or consult a professional cleaning company.
  • Excessive washing will cause functional deterioration and stickiness.
  • Wool is used for the pile thread, so due to the characteristics of the material, fine hair will come out during use. The fine bristles called play bristles have the effect of removing dust and dirt from the surface of the carpet. Vacuum loose loose hair regularly. Avoid using sticky cleaners.
  • There is no non-slip processing on the back side. We recommend using a commercially available non-slip carpet sheet.
  • Do not use near objects that become hot such as stoves or heaters.
  • Pets may catch their claws on loop pile products (those with looped bristles). For those who live with pets, we recommend products with cut pile (hair ends cut off).
  • The "COURT" tag attached to the lug can be removed by the customer.