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\Summer big sale/Now being held [until July 30]



Fisherman's Court/Local Woolen Court Free fabric samples

Fisherman's Court Wool Rug <br>A wool rug with a design motif of a sweater worn by English fishermen when working at sea in winter. The weave of the carpet expresses a characteristic rope-like pattern. The threads are made using a technique called "cotton dyeing", in which the raw material wool is dyed in various colors to create threads that match the interior.

Local Woolen Court Wool Rug <br>Wool rugs made with the same colors and textures as the wool of various sheep, such as white and gray, that inhabit the world. It is made with the comfort of wool while taking advantage of each individuality. You can use any color while firmly feeling the texture and comfort of the wool that is the material. Although there are differences in the degree of production because the color differs depending on the region, it is characterized by a firm thickness and elasticity that does not make you feel the hardness of the floor even when sitting or lying down.

Functions of wool material for long and beautiful use of rugs

  • "Water repellent effect" due to natural oil content : The natural cuticle effect of wool floats water, so it is difficult to get dirty and easy to remove.
  • "Humidity control" that also prevents condensation : The wool is adapted to severe temperature differences, so it adjusts the humidity comfortably, making the air in the room less stuffy and less dry.
  • "Cleaning function" on the surface with playful hairs : The fine hairs on the surface are moderately removed, and the surface is always clean, so just a vacuum cleaner (roller type) is enough for regular cleaning.
  • "Strong fiber" with durability and resilience Because it is highly elastic natural wool, it can be restored with a steam iron or care even if it gets worn out.
Shipping Fisherman's Court wool rug
Local Woolen Court wool rug
size About 5 x 5 (cm)
material Surface: 100% wool
Back: Cotton blend base fabric
deadline Immediate delivery (free shipping)
  • We use scraps of products. Sizes, finishes, and finishes may vary.
  • After confirming your order, we will send it by mail. Please receive it at your home mailbox.
  • Samples are limited to 7 types per person.
  • If you select multiple items of the same color, only one item will be delivered.