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Free shipping on orders over 22,000 yen including tax
Free shipping on orders over 22,000 yen including tax

Ranapar Leather Treatment 250ml

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Care treatment that doubles as one

  • Contains beeswax and jojoba oil.
  • Natural and cosmetic quality leather care treatment.
  • It has no odor and can be used safely.
  • The effect of both oil and wax.
  • Has a water-repellent effect.
  • Can be used on leather, wood, metal, etc.


  1. Body: 250ml
  2. 2 sponges
  3. operating instructions
  4. Note
component beeswax, jojoba oil, vaseline, lanolin
deadline About 2 weeks
  • We do not recommend using paulownia wood for furniture or products.
  • Please note that the surface may become slippery when used on flooring.
  • The color may deepen by applying oil. Please use after checking in an inconspicuous place.
  • We do not recommend using it on brushed leather such as suede or nubuck.
  • Even smooth leather (shiny leather) may not be suitable for use depending on the tanning, dyeing, and processing processes. Please use after checking in an inconspicuous place.

Description of item

Organic leather care agent using natural ingredients.
It has the effect of both oil and wax, and protects the surface while supplementing the oil necessary for the leather, and restores the natural luster. It also has a water-repellent effect, so there is no need for a waterproof spray, and maintenance can be done with just Ranapa.
It can be used for a wide range of purposes other than leather, and can also be used for solid wood oil finish furniture.

For maintenance methods, please see " How to Care for Solid Wood Furniture " and the video below.