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Free shipping on orders over 22,000 yen including tax
VINTAGE ERCOL | お手入れについて

VINTAGE ERCOL | Care Instructions

This time, I will introduce how to care for vintage furniture.

Just like taking care of your skin and caring for your body, you can use your furniture comfortably and for many years to come by regularly caring for your furniture.

Regular maintenance method

Dusting with a duster or brush, or simply wiping with a dry cloth is sufficient for regular maintenance. If there is dirt that you are concerned about, wipe it gently with a cloth that has been tightly wrung out with water, and then wipe it with a dry cloth. A little bit of water will moisten the wood. Don't leave any moisture behind, which can cause stains.

Avoid using a vacuum cleaner, which can cause scratches, rubbing strongly with a cloth, and alcohol disinfection, which can cause discoloration and stains. It is also important not to leave wet cloths or laundry unattended.

About regular maintenance

The wooden part of vintage furniture is also a living material that breathes every day. In addition to regular care, regular maintenance with furniture wax or oil will prevent cracking and warping due to dryness, maintain durability, and allow you to enjoy beautiful aging.

Depending on the environment where the furniture is placed (sunlight, air conditioning, etc.), the frequency of use, and the finish, we recommend that you perform maintenance at a pace of once every six months.

It is not suitable for urethane-coated furniture, so please check the wood finish of the furniture you want to clean in advance. If you have an oil finish finish, you can maintain it in the same way even for furniture other than vintage.

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Please refer to " Care for Oil Finish Furniture " for how to use.

The time spent on maintenance is one of the real pleasures of owning vintage furniture. Your love for furniture that has been restored to a beautiful luster with your own hands will deepen and enrich your heart.

Useful tricks you can do with wax and oil

Furniture oils and waxes can be used not only for regular maintenance, but also as an emergency measure for small, light scratches and stains.

Lightly soak a waste cloth (soft, worn-out cloth, towel, or kitchen paper) in oil and apply it to the scratched area to make it less noticeable as shown above. This is not a scratch repair, so depending on the type of scratch, it may pop up again when it dries.

Scratches and dirt can also be said to be the texture of vintage furniture. The more you use it, the more tasteful it will change, so don't be too nervous and enjoy the furniture that changes expressively.

Nurture, love, vintage furniture

We introduced the appeal of ERCOL in four parts. I would be very happy if this was the opportunity to remove the hurdles to vintage items and welcome them into your home.

Vintage furniture can develop its taste by performing frequent maintenance. I think this is one of the ways to enjoy vintage furniture while thinking about various things. And the furniture that is being cared for conveys the owner's politeness, feelings for the furniture, and the stories of past owners.

We hope that you will have a good encounter with ERCOL and use it to create a wonderful space.

Until the end Thank you for reading.

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