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Free shipping on orders over 22,000 yen including tax

VINTAGE starting from a monopod

This is the 3rd special feature on VINTAGE ERCOL. Did you feel the deep world of the ERCOL chair?

Not only is it comfortable to sit on as a chair, but the ERCOL chair has a wonderful smooth and warm wooden surface and a refined yet rustic design. It also features a silhouette that blends into any style of interior. This time, we will introduce an example of coordination using such a charming chair.

The vintage furniture that you invite to your home for the first time will become a precious memory of yours, and you will never forget that day for the rest of your life. We hope that we can help you create wonderful memories...

A piece of essence for everyday life

It will be a picture even if you just put it there, such as by the window, in the hallway, or at the entrance. You can create a gallery corner in your room by arranging it with your favorite miscellaneous goods and art works. Easy to move as it is lightweight. Depending on the mood and use at that time, it will be active in various places in the house.

It is also convenient when you take a break in the kitchen. It can also be used as a temporary storage place for bags and luggage that are easy to leave behind, such as putting your luggage on the way home from shopping.

Excellent compatibility with plants. The vintage of the texture and texture that has passed through the years and the green that grows lively complement each other. Of course it goes well with dried flowers.

It can also be used as a night table by the bed. Put down the clock, the light, and the book you're reading.

Whether it's your favorite monopod, bipod, or tripod, it's fun to buy your favorite design little by little. One of the charms of the ERCOL chair is that even if the designs and colors are different, for some reason there is a sense of unity and it is easy to match.

The coordination introduced this time is only a part. For example, it will be useful in such situations.

  • By the window of the dining room, you can usually display greenery and books as part of the interior. Even sudden guests can quickly move to the dining table and use it as a chair.
  • Recommended for study and work. In addition to the "stacking chair" approved for use in British educational settings, the ERCOL chair is made with comfort in mind when sitting for long periods of time, so it can also be used as a desk chair.

No matter where you put it or how you use it, the ERCOL chair is convenient and beautiful. Whether you're a vintage beginner or someone who thinks it's difficult, let's find your favorite one and enjoy the change in your interior.


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