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Free shipping on orders over 22,000 yen including tax
ERCOL ウィンザーチェアガイド

ERCOL Windsor Chair Guide

Last time , I talked about the history of ERCOL and the charm of vintage, especially the popular Windsor chair.

ERCOL continues to fascinate people around the world with its sophisticated design and durability that transcends time and fashion. We would like to support those who are longing for ERCOL to take the first step, and this time we will introduce 6 chairs that are available at SCOUT VINTAGE from among the chairs designed based on the Windsor chair, which has become synonymous with ERCOL. .

After the introduction of the chair, there is also a guide to useful trivia! Please enjoy it until the end.

Recommended for beginners・variety of standard items

Modern design with a twist to the traditional Windsor chair

A standard design with a unique back view

The most popular, the culmination of advanced bentwood technology

A symbol of the Windsor chair with a stately crown motif

A masterpiece chair that has passed rigorous tests for durability and functionality

Trivia that will make your chair search more fun and special

ERCOL's vintage furniture has clues to the age of the product.

The first is the stickers on the sides and back. You can know the manufacturing age from the color and design. Metal tags are embedded in new items, but vintage furniture has paper stickers that are easy to remove, so those with stickers are said to be valuable.

The picture above is a sticker that I saw in our ERCOL chair collection, but there are various other stickers such as different colors and designs, and some people collect ERCOL just for the stickers.

Another clue is the engraving on the back of the seat. We have confirmed "British Standards" (British Standard) and "Utility Furniture CC 41" (Utility Furniture CC41).

British Standards are certification marks that guarantee the quality and safety of our services. The heart-like logo in the center of the engraving is called the "BS logo" from its initials, and it is also called the "Kitemark™" from its kite-like design.

"BS1960" indicates that the product was manufactured in 1960 and has been certified to British Standards. I don't know the exact information about "EG2056", but I guess it means that ERCOL chairs were used in schools in the 1950s and 1960s, so they passed certain tests such as strength and stability. doing.

Utility Furniture CC 41 is a certification mark of quality used between 1941 and 1951. CC41 represents the initials of Civilian Clothing 1941 (Civilian Clothing 1941) and is called a "utility mark". In order to solve the shortage of goods during World War II, a saving standard was established for furniture, textiles, footwear, etc., and products that passed strict inspections were pushed. This engraving means that the product was made more than 70 years ago and less than 80 years ago, and that it is a miraculous product that has overcome the harsh times of wartime.

In this way, EROCL's vintage furniture has hidden marks that show the era and background of the era in which it was manufactured. Perhaps there are even rarer seals and engravings. Please check the back and side of the seat when you come to the store.

in conclusion

I hope you enjoyed the Windsor Chair Guide. Each chair has different characteristics and is full of individuality. It seems to be lost. However, the smooth texture and warmth of wood, and the rustic yet sophisticated design are common to all chairs. ERCOL's vintage chairs are a collection of attractive masterpieces that change the atmosphere of a space just by being there.

Next time, we will introduce examples of coordination using the ERCOL chair. It can be used in a variety of ways depending on your ideas, as it is a waste to just sit on it. Please look forward to it.

The name of the chair changes with the times, and various names exist. This article is based on ERCOL's original catalog (1950-1970 edition).

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