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Care for your fabric sofa

The coldness has eased, and the sunlight filtering through the young leaves has become a comfortable season.

It's a good day to go out, but I think that the time spent at home is increasing due to the influence of the annoying virus. Would you like to take care of your sofa so that you can spend comfortably at home at times like this?

This time, I will introduce you to how to clean the fabric sofa.

what to prepare

I use Unitas Textile Care Kit Natural. The set includes everything you need to care for your sofa. Suitable for natural fibers such as cotton, linen, wool, and silk, this cleaner kit is recommended for those who are new to cleaning. The contents of the kit are...

  • "Textile Cleaner N" to remove stains
  • "Textile Protector W" to protect from dirt
  • cleaning glove
  • sponge

is included. Here are the steps to take care of it.

① Dust off

First, use a brush, vacuum cleaner, duster, etc. to remove dust and dirt from the surface. The point is to spread the folds and seams with your fingers. Be careful when using the roller, as it can cause the surface to become fuzzy.

② Spray the cleaner

Next, use "Textile Cleaner N". Shake the cleaner well before use, and spray it about 30 cm away from the surface until it is slightly damp.

③ Wipe off the dirt

Soak the included glove in lukewarm water and wring it out. Do not rub the area where the cleaner was applied strongly, and carefully wipe it off in 2 to 3 times while cleaning the glove.

If the cleaner remains, it will cause ring stains, so be sure to wipe it off. After the dirt is removed, blot the water with a clean, dry white cloth.

If the stain is severe, apply the cleaner to the attached sponge, gently press the stain on the stain, and wipe off the dirt with a glove.

④ Prevent dirt

Finally, finish with "Textile Protector W".

Spray the protector on before the cloth dries. The point is to spray it until it is moist and moist, just like coating each fiber. For fuzzy fabric, apply the protector on a sponge.

Let it dry naturally for half a day to a day, and maintenance is complete.

Depending on whether or not the protector is used, the way dirt adheres and is removed changes, making subsequent cleaning very easy. In addition, it is more effective when sprayed in a new state.

An important sofa that is also a part of life. We hope that you will be able to use it comfortably for a long time with regular maintenance. Spend a comfortable home time on a clean sofa.


  • Wipe off dirt immediately without putting it off
  • Comfortable maintenance with "Cleaner" and "Protector" once every 4 to 6 months
  • The new product is only a protector, and it is effective in preventing dirt.

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Maintenance kits are sold at both physical stores and online stores.

Textile Care Kit Natural

maintenance supplies

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