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\Summer big sale/Now being held [until July 30]
\Summer big sale/Now being held [until July 30]

Rustic Wood Wide Bowl


wide bowl





※Rustic Wood シリーズは個体差をお選びいただけません。

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Rustic Wood series that makes the most of natural materials

  • The beauty of hollowing out natural teak wood.
  • Wood grain and shape created by nature.
  • You can enjoy individual differences by arranging multiple items.
  • As an object, even if you put miscellaneous goods and planters.


size Outer size: φ300 H70 (mm)
Internal dimensions: φ260 (mm) *There are individual differences
weight 1kg *There are individual differences
Material solid teak

Description of item

A unique wide bowl that takes advantage of the natural shape of natural teak. Handcrafted by craftsmen using natural wood materials. Each one has its own personality, not only in color and expression, but also in size and form. There are cracks, scratches, chips, and seams that are unique to teak over time, and no two pieces are alike. Please enjoy the rustic and unadorned taste of bold and solid construction that retains the roughness of handwork.

It is not suitable for flower pots because there is no bottom hole, but it is possible to put a planter together with the saucer. The matte texture and rustic wood grain complement the vivid green. Place it in your entryway to store small items such as key cases and coins in your pocket, or place it on your kitchen counter to display fruits and sweets. Enjoy a variety of ways to use it according to the season and the style of your room.