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\Summer big sale/Now being held [until July 30]
\Summer big sale/Now being held [until July 30]

[Double] Iron curtain rail set

受注生産 送料無料






cm ※入力できる最大幅はcmまでです。




Rail width range
※STEP1のレール幅がご注文可能な最大幅を超えています。 ※STEP1のレール幅と一致しません。
[ 受注生産品について ] ※ご注文後のキャンセルはお受け致しかねます。

Made of iron with attractive matte rustic

  • All the parts necessary for the curtain are set.
  • A double rail that expands the width of the interior, such as matching drapes and laces.
  • Make the most of the texture without decoration.
  • Iron black that shines on the white wall.
  • For a sharp accent in your room.
  • An iron rail that changes its expression depending on the curtain.
  • It can be used for a variety of purposes, such as towel racks and cafe curtains.
  • It is also characterized by the ruggedness of the welding marks left daringly.


size & price
~100cm ¥24,200
101~200cm ¥26,950
201~300cm ¥31,900
Rail: φ13mm
Bracket: Approx. W15 D95 H60 (mm) *There are individual differences
material Iron (lacquered finish)
set content Receiving brackets (2 pieces up to ~ 100cm, 3 pieces for more than 100cm)
Ring stopper *Curtain rings are sold separately.
accessories Screw (about 38mm)
deadline Made-to-order manufacturing: about 1.5 to 2 months
*Delivery may be delayed due to busy season or lack of parts. Please note.

Description of item

An attractive iron curtain rail with a neat and narrow design and a black matte texture. A double rail that expands the width of the interior, such as matching drapes and laces. It is easy to match with any wall, such as diatomaceous earth and cloth, and creates a calm space. It can also be used as a space divider, a closet blindfold, and a towel rack. You can freely use it in various places other than windows.


  • The recommended length of the rail is "window frame outer width + left and right 80mm". Please check in advance if there are any obstacles such as air conditioners, etc., and specify the dimensions.
  • Due to the characteristics of the iron/lacquer finish, the paint on the rail may peel off due to the friction between the rail and the ring when opening and closing the curtain, and black powder may fall off. Please be aware of this as a feature of the product before placing an order.
  • Since it is painted, rust does not occur in principle, but since it is made of iron, rust may occur depending on the usage environment.
  • By regularly applying beeswax wax (sold separately), the texture, luster and texture of the surface will be significantly increased. You can also get the effect of rust prevention.
  • Due to the characteristics of the material, there may be uneven colors and patterns, and there may be small scratches or scuffs during the production process or transportation.