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\Summer big sale/Now being held [until July 30]
\Summer big sale/Now being held [until July 30]

Cloche long hook


crochet long hook

size About W1250 D130 H95mm
Material Recycled teak (wax finish)
  • Mounting screws are not included.
  • Accessories in the photo are not included.
  • Due to the characteristics of the material, there are many places such as dowel holes, screw holes, chips and scratches. Please note.
  • Due to the use of natural materials, there are slight individual differences in grain expression and size. Due to the large individual differences in our products, we cannot accept requests for specific colors or characteristics through our online store.
  • Teak has the effect of adjusting the moisture in the air, and it expands and contracts repeatedly. The moisture content fluctuates depending on the environment, and the size and shape of wood tends to change.

Long hook with British vintage details

A 6-row crochet long hook with a rustic texture that naturally blends into the space. The appearance that the hooks are evenly arranged is impressive.

Atelier's "Cloche" series is characterized by a delicate and gentle atmosphere, where accents are created depending on the ingenuity of the space.

The corners of the pedestal, which tend to be flat, are chamfered to give a sophisticated impression.

The hook has a rustic impression with a rough finish. The point is that the barbs are just the right amount of charm, and the items you hang will fit well. The shape makes it easy to hang everything from thin strings to heavy coats.

It fits in every place such as kitchen, entrance, children's room and living room. For hanging storage of everything from coats and hats to cleaning supplies. It is also recommended for small shops and cafes with limited space.

The material is recycled teak. It has been thoroughly dried over many years and has become even more robust. Due to its durability, it is said to be a difficult material to process.

A zabori is provided so that the screws do not protrude from the wood. Screws are not included, so please use your favorite screws according to the image of the space.

Processing is kept to a minimum in order to make the most of the characteristics of recycled teak, such as scratches and traces of processing that remain after many years of use. It is a one-of-a-kind, one-of-a-kind product carefully finished one by one by craftsmen. Because it is hand-made by craftsmen, it is finished with a rough finish that is unique to handwork.

[Care for the wood part]
Use a damp cloth that has been tightly wrung out for daily care. We also recommend using natural wood wax or beeswax.

[About individual differences]
Due to the characteristics of the material, the combination of colors and shades, as well as the characteristics of holes and dents, differ depending on the individual. Although there are individual differences, we cannot accept requests for specific colors or characteristics in our online store. Please note.

[About installation]
Screws are not included. We recommend that you purchase screws suitable for the wall after consulting with a home center. In particular, gypsum board walls require anchors and special screws.

*Please check the type of wall when installing screws. The screw specifications also differ depending on the type of wall. Please consult the type of wall and this product at your local home center to find the best screws.

Atelier series Atelier series

A nostalgic and somewhat nostalgic appearance inspired by the classical atmosphere of British vintage in a modern style. It is a light and stylish series that maintains the rustic look of wood while reducing luxury and heavy feeling.
Atelier series