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Free shipping on orders over 22,000 yen including tax
Free shipping on orders over 22,000 yen including tax

Lesen side table

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Original price ¥17,600 - Original price ¥22,000
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Rasen side table

size [550] ¥17,600
External dimensions: about W250 D310 H550 mm
Inside dimensions: about W170 D310 H510 mm
External dimensions: about W430 D280 H580 mm
Inside dimensions: about W325 D280 H540 mm
*The size is based on the case where the product is placed in a U-shape.
*There are individual differences
Material Recycled teak (wax finish)
  • Due to the characteristics of the material, there are many places such as dowel holes, screw holes, chips and scratches. Please note.
  • Due to the large individual differences in our products, we cannot accept requests for specific colors or characteristics through our online store.
  • Teak has the effect of adjusting the moisture in the air, and it expands and contracts repeatedly. The moisture content fluctuates depending on the environment, and the size and shape of wood tends to change.
  • If the floor is scratch-resistant and protected, or if there is rattling, adjust it with a felt pad or rug.
  • Applying force from above or placing heavy objects on it may cause damage such as warping. Also, please refrain from using it for purposes other than a table, such as a step stool or stool.

A side table that gently snuggles up to your relaxing time

This is the "Lesen" series that you want to incorporate into your usual interior as a plus item.

H580 + Gino Sofa Corduroy

A side table with a simple design consisting of only straight lines and a rough wooden look using recycled teak. The clean design and the recycled teak material with a vintage feel create a gentle atmosphere.

The U-shape makes it easy to put it under the sofa, so it can be placed on the sofa without taking up much space.

Enjoy your time at your favorite place

H550 + Ellie leather sofa

A U-shape that allows you to place a table within reach. You can enjoy your time alone, such as reading a book or watching a movie, with drinks and sweets by your side without getting up.

You can use it in various ways according to the scene, not limited to the arm part. Place it in the middle of the sofa for two. It seems that it can be used even if it is placed in the middle of two single sofas ◎


It can also be used as a favorite display corner by placing greens and small items. Also recommended for bedside use.

You can also do a little desk work by placing your computer or tablet.

You can also place a half-read magazine or your favorite book by slightly separating it from the arm.

It is an item with excellent functionality that can be used in various ways depending on your ideas.

2 types of size

The H550 type top plate is 250 x 310 mm. A feeling of compact size that does not take up space when placed on the arm. This size is recommended for 1P or 2P sofas, etc., if you want to secure a sitting space. Height to fit Chiffon and Ellie sofas.

The H580 type top plate is 430 x 280 mm. Just the right size when inserted in front of the sofa. This size is recommended for relaxing with a side cushion on the sofa arm. The height is to fit the Gino and Flow sofas.

One-of-a-kind items made from precious recycled teak

Oak is the mainstream of general tables, but teak (recycled teak) was used to create a table with a rich expression unique to solid wood. Recycled teak dries sufficiently over many years and becomes even more robust. Due to its durability, it is said to be a difficult material to process.

Processing is kept to a minimum in order to make the most of the characteristics of recycled teak, such as scratches and traces of processing that remain after many years of use. It is a one-of-a-kind, one-of-a-kind product carefully finished one by one by craftsmen. Because it is hand-made by craftsmen, it is finished with a rough finish that is unique to handwork.

[Care for the wood part]
Use a damp cloth that has been tightly wrung out for daily care. We also recommend using natural wood wax or beeswax.

[About individual differences]
Due to the characteristics of the material, the combination of colors and shades, as well as the characteristics of holes and dents, are different depending on the individual. Although there are individual differences, we cannot accept requests for specific colors or characteristics in our online store. Please note.

Atelier series Atelier series

A nostalgic and somewhat nostalgic appearance inspired by the classical atmosphere of British vintage in a modern style. It is a light and stylish series that maintains the rustic look of wood while reducing luxury and heavy feeling.
Atelier series