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\Summer big sale/Now being held [until July 30]
\Summer big sale/Now being held [until July 30]

Brunch chair


Due to the small number of arrivals at one time, if you are out of stock, please register for notification again and wait. (Scheduled to arrive once every 1-2 months)



Brunch chairご購入をお考えのお客様へ
  • 個体差がありますので、それぞれの個性や特性としてご理解ください。
  • 製造過程や輸送中に出来た小傷やスレがございます。
  • 経年変化が起きます(反りや割れ、見た目の変化)。
  • 塗装による残り香があります。
    木部など表面に塗装を施している箇所があります。 使い始めは残り香が気になる場合がございますが、表面の乾拭きや風通しの良い場所で数時間から数日放置していただくと時間と共に和らぎます。
  • 籐編みの取扱いには十分注意が必要です。
  • ご使用の際の注意事項(使用方法や環境に十分ご注意ください)。

Along with the lively brunch time in the early afternoon

  • Wood grain and color that make the most of the base material of natural elmwood.
  • Antique-style painting with a tasteful texture.
  • Natural is a bright and gentle impression.
  • Brown has a deep texture.
  • Open back type.
  • The curves of each part, from the backrest to the legs, give it a beautiful and elegant finish.
  • The seat is made of flexible rattan.
  • Not only for dining, but also as a desk chair.


size About W400 D400 H900 SH470 (mm) *There are individual differences
weight about 3kg
Color natural brown
Material Wooden frame: Elm wood (elm wood)
Seat: Rattan

Description of item

The Brunch chair is inspired by the classic bentwood chair. The design that was popular in Europe in the 19th century has the iconic presence of a cafe chair. I imagined afternoon tea and brunch time enjoying around the table in the sunshine filtering through the trees in the early afternoon. It has an antique taste that is characterized by elegant curves, and the wood grain and subdued colors give it an elegant appearance.

There are two colors, natural and brown. You can choose according to the image of your room. Not only can it be used in the living room as a cafe chair, but it is also comfortable to sit on, so it can also be used as a desk chair.


  • Because it is a product that focuses on the texture and texture of natural materials, it is easily scratched, and there may be scratches or small scratches during the manufacturing process or transportation.
  • There may be some roughening of the wood surface that occurs during the rattan upholstery molding process.
  • Since it is a finish that retains the roughness of overseas production, scratches, threads, cracks, and cracks are within the range of good products as long as they do not interfere with use.
  • Natural wood tends to crack at knots and holes due to changes in temperature and humidity.
  • It is a material that is prone to change in texture over time, such as changes in color due to sunburn or sebum on the hands.
  • The lingering scent of the paint will soften over time by wiping the surface with a dry cloth or placing it in a well-ventilated place.