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Free shipping on orders over 22,000 yen including tax
Free shipping on orders over 22,000 yen including tax
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LAMPE GRAS NO.201 Table lamp/clamp Black

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Delivery time: Usually 1 to 2 weeks *It may take several months depending on stock status.

Robust and simple clamp-type desk lamp

A clamp-type table stand that can accommodate tables up to 40mm thick.
The arm is 20cm longer than the base type NO.201, and the range of movement on the table surface is wider.

In 1921, French designer Bernard Albin Gras designed a sturdy and simple lamp for studios and offices. This series of lighting fixtures, called "Gras Lamp" after him, has a unique structure that does not use any screws or welds in the basic structure, and the design and details of the arm, handle, bracket, and base are particularly outstanding. It was completely original and innovative for its time.

In 1927, the patent was purchased by RAVEL and production began as the "GRAS" lamp. Architect Le Corbusier was immediately fascinated by its modern and innovative design and adopted this lamp in his atelier. The Gras Lamp was the first design in the history of lighting to be incorporated into both professional and residential environments.

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[About options]
A set with a small LED bulb is also available. Please choose your favorite light bulb from the following two types.

《Small LED light bulb E17》
It has a retro feel, with the filament inside visible like an old Edison lamp.

《Small LED light bulb E17 milky white》
Made of milky white glass with no visible internal filaments.

Lampeglas NO.201 Table lamp/clamp black

size Shade: φ140 H140mm
Arm size: 590mm
Rod size: 200mm
Cord length: 2,000mm
weight 2kg
material steel
Compatible bulb E17 LED lamp 60W class (bulb not included)

《Small LED light bulb E17》
Size: Approximately φ35 x H67mm
Mouth diameter: E17
Power consumption: 2W
Weight: approx. 12g
Brightness: 230 lumens (equivalent to 25W incandescent or fluorescent light bulbs)
Rated life: 20,000 hours Color temperature: 2700K

《Small LED light bulb E17 milky white》
Size: Approximately φ35 x H67mm
Mouth diameter: E17
Weight: approx. 12g
Power consumption: 4.5W
Total luminous flux: 440 lumens (equivalent to 40W incandescent bulb)
Color temperature: 2700K (light bulb color)
Rated voltage: AC100V
Rated current: 0.055A
Rated lifespan: Approximately 20,000 hours Outdoor use: Not possible Sealed appliances: Yes *Regarding sealed appliances/Depending on the type of sealed appliance, it may not be possible to use it or the life of the bulb may be shortened.
Dimmer: Not available Human sensor: Not available

  • With intermediate switch
  • Lamp type (maximum width 40mm)
Notes "light bulb"
  • It is not compatible with insulation material construction equipment.
  • The rated life is a design value and not a guaranteed value.
  • Depending on the type of sealing device, it may not be possible to use it or its lifespan may be shortened due to factors such as incorrect dimensions or heat buildup.
  • Cannot be combined with lighting equipment that uses firefly switches. (Please note that if you use it in conjunction with a lighting device that uses a firefly switch, the LED bulb will remain faintly lit even after the switch is turned off.)
download Approval drawing (PDF) , instruction manual (PDF)
French architect and designer born in 1886.
Bernard-Albin Gras is one of the most innovative designers of the 20th century.
LAMPE GRAS, whose work is named after his own name, is a world-famous work.

DCW éditions is a French manufacturer that started production in 2008 by three supporters who acquired the rights to reproduce the Gras Lamp, which even fascinated Le Corbusier.
Every aspect of "Gras Lamp" is faithfully reproduced and manufactured to the original.