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\Summer big sale/Now being held [until July 30]

Cotton String Ball


cotton string ball

size About W90 D90 H70mm
Central hole: about φ25mm
Total length of string 110 meters
Material cotton
Usage Pull the cord out from the center. Pulling from the tip of the cord is difficult and requires a lot of force. If it is difficult to do by hand, try using a tool such as a nipper.
remarks Due to the use of natural materials, there are slight individual differences in grain expression and size.

Refill for String Tidy

Designed and made in England by craftsmen in the Creamore Mill workshops in rural Shropshire, England.

A ball type winding string made from natural cotton. Although it is exclusively for String Tidy (sold separately), you can use it as it is.

The cotton string is a strong string with four cotton threads twisted together. The color is a gentle off-white, with a natural touch and a warm atmosphere. Perfect for use in the kitchen or desk. In addition to handmade work and handicrafts, it seems to be useful in cooking.

Use it as a ribbon for wrapping, bundle dried flowers, or organize herbs in the kitchen. Due to its strength and durability, it can be used in a variety of applications.

It has a compact and lovely design, so you can continue to use it with attachment. It looks beautiful no matter where you put it, and it's ready-to-use functionality when you need it. It is a product like a craft that is devoted to "beauty of use".

Traditional skills, timeless designs.
Traditional British craftsmanship and timeless design

Creamore Mill is a woodworking workshop known for its interiors and gardening goods in the Shropshire countryside that has been popular in England for over 40 years. Monozukuri is characterized by beautiful and simple design with functionality that is reminiscent of traditional British style. As a family-run company, we continue to produce our products by hand by artisans since our founding. With 40 years of experience and many original designs, Creamore Mill is a brand loved by many people all over the world.
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