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\Summer big sale/Now being held [until July 30]
\Summer big sale/Now being held [until July 30]

Compact Garden Reel II Green


Compact Garden Reel II Green

size 【10m】¥12,100
Body: about W115 D270 H255mm
Hose length: 10m (faucet side 2.0m)
Hose thickness: inner diameter 7.5mm, outer diameter 11mm
Hose color: brown Weight: about 2.2kg
Body: about W168 D343 H302mm
Hose length: 20m (faucet side 2.0m)
Hose thickness: inner diameter 7.5mm, outer diameter 11mm
Hose color: brown Weight: about 3.4kg
Material Body: Resin (PP, ABS, POM, etc.)
Hose: PVC Nozzle: alloy, resin
specification ・Slim hose ・4 types of watering patterns (shower → Joro → Straight → Diffusion)
・10m: With sliding hook on the bottom ・20m: With drawer-type step on the bottom
accessories Water supply side hose (2m), connection connector to faucet, nozzle, nozzle hook

A garden reel that focuses on design and ease of use

A hose reel from the Japanese garden goods brand "Royal Gardener's Club" that combines design and functionality.

The watering cans and hose reels, which are carefully made in small quantities, are also handled by famous design shops in the United States, and are highly evaluated overseas for their beauty and functionality.

It is a special product that makes you look forward to your daily work with water, such as gardening, cleaning the outside and veranda, and washing the car.

Design that blends in with the landscape

The basic hose reel is left out in the garden. "There is no design that harmonizes with the garden or building even if it is left out." This hose reel was born from such a voice.

Simple design and coloring that blends in with gardens and buildings. We are particular about the color of the hose, and it is a modest brown color inspired by nature.

Light weight, compact body

Left 10m/Right 20m

The biggest feature is light weight and compactness. Its advantages are its small size and easy portability. You can choose from two types, 10m and 20m, depending on the size and purpose of your garden.

4 types of watering patterns

The nozzle is a durable metal type. Accented with elegant gold color. You can adjust the amount of water by turning the dial at hand. It is possible to change to 4 water shapes (shower → Joro → Straight → Diffusion).

[Shower] Fine and soft water flow. for watering plants.
[Joro] The softest and gentlest water contact. For watering plants and at the base of newly planted seedlings. Wash your pet's feet and use it as a shampoo ◎
[Straight] Line-shaped powerful water flow. The water shape is suitable for cleaning floors and walls. It has the longest flight distance. *Flying distance varies depending on the usage environment (tap water pressure).
[Diffusion] A water flow that spreads radially. This is also a water shape suitable for cleaning floors and walls. A water shape with the widest spread.

When switching from [Straight] to [Spread], the degree of spread will gradually change. You can adjust the spread to your liking and use it, which is convenient for cleaning.

About the hose

The hose has a two-layer structure. The inner black part blocks UV rays and prevents the growth of algae. In addition, the middle part is reinforced by knitting threads. This reduces hose kinks and tangles.
Both 10m and 20m are thin types with an inner diameter of 7.5mm and an outer diameter of 11mm.

Main body cover with abundant functions

Ultraviolet rays are the enemy of horses. Robust and durable cover reduces hose deterioration due to direct sunlight.

It has a convenient handle for carrying and moving. It can be stored when not in use.

The reel is a drum type that is easy to wind up. The handle for winding the hose can also be stored for a neat look.

The 10m type has a sliding hook. It tends to take up a lot of space if left flat, but you can hang it on a fence or wall with a built-in hook on the bottom. This function is useful for use in limited spaces such as balconies.

Equipped with a pull-out step on the bottom of the 20m type. The stability of the main unit is increased, preventing it from tipping over when pulling out the hose or during use. Also, if the ground is soil, it is also possible to fix it to the ground by passing pegs through the holes on both ends of the step.

Matte coloring that blends in with the interior

The color is a deep green with a matte texture. A dull color with toned-down saturation is stylish. The balance of beautiful straight lines and curves is combined to create an appearance that blends well with the interior.

Proof of high quality. There is a wooden tag of the brand logo.

Reliable quality and beautiful design. And you will be able to feel its solid ability with various functions. It is a design product that matches a higher-grade lifestyle that makes watering time comfortable and enjoyable.

[Connectable faucets]

Please check the faucet shape of the place to be used in advance. It can be installed on most types of outdoor faucets.

[About care and storage]

  • If the product becomes dirty, wipe it with a soft cloth.
  • Avoid direct sunlight when storing.
  • If detergent or oil adheres to the product, the plastic part may crack.

[Individual differences in wooden tags]

The color and texture of the wooden tag varies depending on the product.


  • For outdoor watering in general households. Do not use it for any other purpose.
  • Do not store or store the product with water in it. After use, throw away the water and empty the inside of the product.
  • If the strainer or head is clogged with dust, wash it with tap water to wash away the dust.
  • Closing the slide cover can prevent water leakage during transportation, but it does not completely prevent water leakage.
  • If a load is applied to the hook on the bottom, the hook may come off, which is dangerous.
  • The hook may not be hung depending on the size and shape of the place to hang.