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\Summer big sale/Now being held [until July 30]
\Summer big sale/Now being held [until July 30]

macrame hanging tornado


Three-dimensional production of your favorite green

  • Each hand-knitted one-of-a-kind item.
  • Distinctive twist type.
  • Match your favorite planters and vases.
  • It is well ventilated and easy to receive light, so the plants are healthy.
  • Placing the green at eye level gives the room a cool impression.
  • Even if it is combined with terrariums and air plants ◎


size [M] Total length about 1030mm ¥2,640
[L] Total length about 1250mm ¥4,950
*Individual differences *Measured when laid flat
Material jute yarn
remarks The green and vase in the image are not included.

Description of item

Macrame knitting creates a unique pattern by repeating the process of manually tying and weaving. It is a hanging planter made using the technique. You can make use of the space in your home by hanging houseplants and succulents.

One of the characteristics of macrame knitting is that each piece is hand-knitted, so there are various expressions such as the length of the string and the knitting condition, and no two are the same.

Plants are also lively on the windowsill with good ventilation and sunlight. Through the light, a beautiful expression is born in the green. One of the pleasures is how it looks different from the plants placed on the shelf or on the floor. In addition, the wide range of coordination such as decorating pottery bowls and plates is also attractive.

The design is available in a tornado type featuring this twisted knit and a plain type with a simple weave. Enjoy coordinating your favorite style with green.