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Free shipping on orders over 22,000 yen including tax
Free shipping on orders over 22,000 yen including tax

mousse cushion pillow cover

Original price ¥8,800 - Original price ¥9,900
Original price
¥8,800 - ¥9,900
Current price ¥8,800
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mousse cushion pillow cover

price Cushion ¥9,900 Pillow ¥8,800
Color white
material Alivio: 100% polyester from Spain
deadline Made-to-order production about 3 months *It may vary greatly depending on the manufacturing situation.
Build-to-order manufacturing
  • For washing.
  • It features a glossy texture and a good touch.
  • Nanotechnology specification that makes it easy to remove dirt.
  • The fabric is wrinkle- and shape-resistant, durable and quick-drying.

mousse cushion/pillow

The mousse unit sofa and co-fabric cushions and pillows can be matched with the sofa for a more perfect styling.

By using cushions and pillows, you can relax comfortably without getting tired even after long periods of posture.

The middle material uses 100% silicone cotton, which is used as a substitute for feathers. It has the softness and elasticity that are characteristic of feathers, and is durable and does not lose its shape.

The mousse unit sofa consists of 5 types of units that can be coordinated freely. You can choose a layout that suits your floor plan and lifestyle.

The mousse has a low height and a beautiful linear design that does not feel oppressive, giving the space a sense of spaciousness. It has a minimalist design that omits any decorations, and its rounded shape is attractive.

Not only does it look cute, but the low seat is easy to move around. For the middle material, we used urethane foam with a particularly high density. Although it has a little elasticity, it is stable and does not sink even when sitting for a long time, so it is comfortable to sit on.