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Free shipping on orders over 22,000 yen including tax
Free shipping on orders over 22,000 yen including tax

Garden Joro Cocoa Brown

Original price ¥4,400 - Original price ¥5,280
Original price
¥4,400 - ¥5,280
Current price ¥4,400
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Garden Joro Cocoa Brown

size [4L] ¥4,400
About W616 D134 H242mm
Weight: about 648g
[6L] ¥5,280
About W648 D152 H272mm
Weight: about 775g
Material Raw material resin: Polypropylene, polyethylene Rubber material: Elastomer Metal material: Stainless steel
  • For outdoor watering in general households. Do not use it for any other purpose.
  • Do not store or store the product with water in it. After use, throw away the water and empty the inside of the product.
  • If the strainer or head is clogged with dust, clean it with tap water to wash away the dust.
  • Closing the slide cover can prevent water leakage during transportation, but it does not completely prevent water leakage.
  • If a load is applied to the hook on the bottom, the hook may come off, which is dangerous.
  • The hook may not be hung depending on the size and shape of the place where it is hung.

Garden Joro sticking to design and usability

It is a garden joro of the garden goods brand "Royal Gardener's Club" (Royal Gardener's Club), which is attracting attention for its quality made in Japan and Japanese design.

The watering cans and hose reels, which are carefully made in small quantities, are also handled by famous design shops in the United States, and are highly evaluated overseas for their beauty and functionality.

It is a special product that makes you look forward to your daily gardening time.

A design that balances straight lines and curves

The ergonomically designed handle and pipe are designed at an angle that makes it easy for water to flow out. By holding the corner, it becomes an angle that makes it easy for the soft water to flow naturally without applying force.

Special fluffy shower

The direction of the lotus mouth can be changed according to your preference, either upward or downward.

It can be removed and used as it has a fixed snap-in opening.

The opening is made of stainless steel. Many small holes express a delicate and fluffy shower.

Comes with a strainer that prevents debris such as fallen leaves and insects from entering the watering can. If dust is clogged, the strainer can be removed to clean and wash away the dust.

storage surface support

The watering can tends to take up a lot of space when placed flat, but it has a built-in hook on the bottom so you can hang it on a fence or wall. The water inside is also drained and clean.

It is a beautiful design that does not spoil the scenery even if it is placed flat or hung on the wall.

Always clean with the slide cover

The unique slide-type cover not only prevents water from leaking when you carry it around, but also has the effect of preventing debris such as fallen leaves and insects from entering the inside of the watering can.

2 sizes to choose from and a matte coloring that blends in with your interior

If you want to water a lot of plants at once, you will need a large watering can.

Available in two sizes, 4L and 6L, which are ideal for planter gardens. The large capacity of 6L is a size that is easy to use for everyday use.

When carrying a watering can, there are other points to consider when choosing a size besides the capacity of water. The amount of water will also change depending on the type of plants and soil, and the number of planters. The distance from the water source is also an important point when carrying water.
Please refer to the following to find the best Joro.


  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Space-saving suitable for verandas and entrances
  • Watering potted plants and containers


  • When there are plants in a wide area of ​​the garden
  • Large number of potted plants and containers
  • You can do a lot of watering at once

If you need more than 10L, we recommend a garden reel!

The color is cocoa brown with a matte texture and calm impression. A dull color with toned-down saturation is stylish. Combined with the beautiful balance of straight lines and curves, it has an appearance that blends in well with the interior.

Proof of high quality. There is a wooden tag of the brand logo.

Reliable quality and beautiful design. And you will be able to feel its solid ability with various functions. It is a design product that matches a higher-grade lifestyle that makes watering time comfortable and enjoyable.

[About care and storage]

  • If the product becomes dirty, wipe it with a soft cloth.
  • Avoid direct sunlight when storing.
  • If detergent or oil adheres to the product, the plastic part may crack.

[Individual differences in wooden tags]

The color and texture of the wooden tag varies depending on the product.