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\Summer big sale/Now being held [until July 30]
\Summer big sale/Now being held [until July 30]

Le Bois stool "UN"

一点もの 送料無料

Object-like presence created by rough expression and modern modeling

  • A stool with a pedestal design.
  • Made from precious Swarwood solid wood.
  • A simple design that takes advantage of the light and shade of the wood grain.
  • Stable and sturdy appearance.
  • Also in stores such as cafes and galleries ◎


size About φ350 H450 (mm) *There are individual differences
weight Approximately 20 kg *There are individual differences
Material swarwood
deadline about 2-3 weeks

Description of item

Le Bois means forest in French. The Leboa series, which uses precious solid Swerwood wood used for sculptures, is a series full of natural beauty that makes full use of the natural wood grain, gradation of annual rings, and bold shading patterns. .

The unique pedestal-shaped stool UN (Ann) is an image of the number "1". Combine it with the large LeBois pedestal table to create a contrasting large and small display, or enjoy a unique interior with three styles: UN, DEUX, and TROIS.

With a simple design using woodturning (woodworking potter's wheel) technique, it looks like a work of art that combines soft curves created by wood grain with modern molding. It features an organic form that shows a complex and unique expression depending on the angle you place it and the direction you look at it.

By matching it with sharp styles such as modern, minimal, and industrial, contrast is created and the impression of the space is raised to the next level. It is a product with a simple and quiet appearance that attracts attention in shops such as cafes and galleries.


Wood is a material that breathes according to the surrounding temperature and humidity, so surface cracks may occur due to drying and expansion.