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\Summer big sale/Now being held [until July 30]
\Summer big sale/Now being held [until July 30]

KAIRA hemp rug diamond


Accented with black trimmings. Natural color floor rug woven from natural materials

A floor rug that combines traditional Indian weaving with modern patterns. Gentle hemp and cotton are woven together for a generous texture. The carefully woven rug has a diamond pattern that is casually subdued. The point is that the trimming on both ends is black. The design that goes with any style will be a good accent for your interior. Recommended for those who want to enjoy the gentle texture unique to natural materials.

S 500 x 900 / M 600 x 900 / L 450 x 1200 from top

We have prepared 3 sizes of S/M/L that are easy to match with your space. The impression of the room changes with the styling of one rug. In addition, the effect of floor zoning can be used as a natural partition.

It fits perfectly in small spaces such as the entrance, kitchen, zoning in front of the door or under the flower stand.

There are individual differences in size, color, and weave, as we take advantage of the texture of handmade products using natural materials.

Natural material rug knitted with modern patterns

"KAIRA" is a rug series woven with only natural materials such as jute, cotton, and hemp. Available in 3 sizes, S/M/L, it features a simple modern pattern and a convenient size. It has a rich look that is hand-woven by combining different materials with different colors and thicknesses. Neutral colors of white, ivory, and black lend softness, warmth, and comfort to any setting.
KAIRA series list

About maintenance

  • Do not use brushes and lightly vacuum regularly.
  • Cut the thread with scissors without pulling the ends.
  • Do not immerse in liquid.
  • Wipe off any dirt immediately. Soak up spills with a clean cloth or paper napkin.
  • If you place heavy furniture on the rug, we recommend using a rug protector to prevent the pile from flattening.

Kaila Henplug Diamond

size [S]
About W900 D500mm About 1.5kg
About W900 D600mm About 1.6kg
[L] About W1200 D450mm About 1.7kg
*There are individual differences in weight and size. *There may be an error of about ±50 to 100mm.
Material hemp, cotton
  • The size notation of the label is an aim. As this is a handmade product, there may be an error of ±50 to 100 mm in actual size. You cannot choose the size.
  • Avoid sharp objects, high temperatures, open flames, and damp locations.
  • Direct sunlight may cause discoloration, so we recommend that you rotate the rug regularly to keep the color even.
  • Dark colors will bleed when wet.
  • When storing, do not fold, but roll the surface inside.
  • No anti-slip treatment. For safety, please use a rug underlay.
  • They may not flatten out for a while after being removed from the polybag, but will settle in a few weeks.
  • Some of the fibers are easy to fall off for the first few weeks, but will wear off with time and frequency of use.
  • You may feel a unique scent, but it is natural and not dangerous.