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Free shipping on orders over 22,000 yen including tax
Free shipping on orders over 22,000 yen including tax
お取り寄せ 送料無料

lilo square

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Anhydrous cooking pot that allows you to enjoy "luxury time and effort"

  • Made from domestically produced, natural materials and heat-resistant pottery clay that is safe for the body.
  • Amazing lightness.
  • Maximize the sweetness of vegetables.
  • No maintenance such as seasoning is required.
  • Also recommended for outdoor scenes.
  • Packaged in a discerning paulownia box.
  • Versatile size that fits perfectly on grilled fish.
  • You can also enjoy grilled food on the grill surface of the lid.


size [Body + Lid] About W280 D120 H70 (mm)
[Body only] About H49mm
(inner dimensions: about W223 D103 depth 40 (mm))
[Lid only] About H33mm
(inner dimensions: about W217 D98 depth 20 (mm))
weight about 925g
Color gray
capacity Body: 620ml
Lid: 390ml
Material Heat-resistant china clay
Compatible devices Open fire, microwave oven, oven, refrigeration, freezer, dishwasher, empty heating, metal scrubber, detergent, all possible.
[About use with IH]
Not compatible with IH (because stainless steel heating plates that fit perfectly are not sold in the market.)
paulownia box size About W305 D140 H80 (mm) / about 1.2kg
deadline Normally 1-2 weeks *May vary depending on busy season and production status

Description of item

The lilo dutch oven is a ceramic pot that was born in Shigaraki. When you receive it, you will be surprised by its lightness. Whereas a cast rectangular dutch oven of the same size weighs about 2.5kg, lilo square is about 0.9kg, less than half the weight. This is because the special heat-resistant pottery clay is lightweight, and because far-infrared rays are used for cooking, the lid does not need to be heavy. The size is perfect for grilling fish, and it is ideal for cooking with whole fish and cooking such as gratin.

In addition to being lightweight, the heat-resistant ceramic clay is characterized by maximizing the sweetness of vegetables. Thanks to the far-infrared effect, it does not fall apart even when simmered for a long time, and the softness, sweetness, and texture of vegetables, meat, and fish remain properly. The rice becomes glossy and each grain stands up. It has excellent heat resistance and cold resistance, and can be used in microwave ovens, ovens, empty heating, and frozen storage.

When cooking "steamed" food, remove the mesh in the middle of the grill and put it on the grill with the square lid closed. When cooking "grilled" food, leave the grill net as it is, put the ingredients on the square body and lid, and put it on the grill. lilo's special heat-resistant ceramic clay can be used in microwave ovens and ovens, and can be used to bake gratin, lasagna, cakes, etc., so the range of cooking is greatly expanded. Empty-fired cooking is also possible.

The heat resistance is plus or minus 500°C, which is strong against rapid heating and cooling, so you can refrigerate or freeze the food you made the day before and put it on fire or put it in the microwave.

It is very easy to clean after use, and normal dirt can be removed with a sponge. Stubborn stains and burns can be scrubbed with a stainless steel scrubbing brush.

As it is lightweight, it is recommended as camping gear. You can enjoy outdoor cooking with just 3 camping cooking tools: a petty knife, a wooden spatula, and this lilo.

It will be delivered in a beautiful paulownia box. No matter where you touch it, it feels smooth and gentle on your skin. Paulownia wood is highly airtight and keeps the humidity inside the box constant throughout the year, making it ideal for storing rice and pasta. It can be used as storage for carrying camping goods or as a storage box.


  • Be sure to read the attached instruction manual and keep it in a safe place.
  • Because it is made by hand, there are individual differences.
  • There are unevenness, bleeding, color unevenness, small holes, small scratches, and slight distortion due to the glaze. This is a characteristic of the product and is not a defective product.
  • No fried food allowed.
  • Please note the following when using with IH.
    ・Please do not boil empty.
    ・Even when cooking without water, add enough water to soak the stainless steel heating plate.
    ・It takes a little longer for the pot to warm up compared to a gas fire.
  • The product has very high thermal conductivity. Basically, please use it on medium to low heat. Also, the preheating may cause the food to boil over or burn, so please turn off the heat as soon as possible.
  • When you put it on fire, it will become hot, so please use your own potholders when lifting it.
  • Please use a trivet when placing it on a table.
  • The base material is slightly absorbent, so please do not soak it in water for a long time.
  • Please be careful not to drop it or hit it against a hard object, as it may cause cracks or cracks.