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\Summer big sale/Now being held [until July 30]
\Summer big sale/Now being held [until July 30]

Rustic Wood Natural Console Table

予約商品 送料無料

natural console table





※Rustic Wood シリーズは個体差をお選びいただけません。

※完売商品は【再入荷・受注開始】お知らせメールを登録していただくと、 次回予約または販売開始時にご登録いただいたメールアドレス宛にお知らせが送信されます。
(登録をされた方に対して入荷をお約束するものではございません。 入荷することなく、お知らせメールが送信されない場合もありますのでご承知ください。)


Rustic Wood series that utilizes natural materials as they are

  • Presence that makes the most of the natural shape.
  • It looks like an object.
  • The expression changes depending on the angle.
  • A height that gives the space a sense of depth.
  • The design does not choose the style of the interior.
  • Also as shop fixtures.
  • One-of-a-kind hand-finished items.


size About W900 D260~350 H800 (mm) *There are individual differences
xylem solid teak
leg iron

Description of item

A console table that takes advantage of the natural shape of natural teak wood. The asymmetrical thickness of the top plate and the thin black iron legs give it a neat impression. It can be used as a dresser, a display table, or as an accent in the room by matching it with the dining sub-counter, the sub-desk in the study, and the mirror. It is a design that you can enjoy without choosing a natural space, modern interior, and room style.

Handcrafted by craftsmen using natural wood materials. There are individual differences in color and expression, as well as size and form, and no two pieces are the same. Please enjoy the unadorned and rustic taste of bold and solid construction, including the cracks, scratches, chips, and seams that are unique to teak wood over time.