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Free shipping on orders over 22,000 yen including tax
Free shipping on orders over 22,000 yen including tax

Ellie Dining Sofa

Create your ideal space with a wide range of variations

"Sofa x dining" lounge style Compact.
Smart appearance of Nordic taste and abundant size,
And the wide lineup of upholstery is attractive. Popular series.


Eating and relaxing in one place

The sizing takes into account Japanese floor plans and limited spaces, and the slim, low-height design does not feel oppressive. Recommended for those who want to create a room centered on the dining room, and who want to spend time comfortably both eating and socializing.

The shallow depth of the seat, 390mm or 440mm seat height, and moderately firm seat allow you to maintain your posture even while eating, allowing you to move smoothly.

The bench without arms has a high degree of freedom for the number of people sitting on it, and if you put cushions on it, you can relax like a sofa.

Create your own space with a wide range of variations

We have prepared three variations: "1P", "2P with width & L-shaped arm selection", and "bench with selectable width". Layout can be freely combined.

For example, you can combine "1P" and "bench" to match the number of people and space, or choose the L-shaped orientation according to the layout, creating a convenient corner for gathering with a large number of people. Even if the corner of the table is close, you can relax enough.

The back is also neat and beautiful, so it can also be used as a space divider.

Domestic original sofa with many expressive fabrics

The sofa fabrics are available in 15 beautiful colors and are divided into 6 types: corduroy, molle, moquette, denim, nep wool, and pile.

From basic fabrics with a plain expression to fabrics featuring a luxurious weave, this is a domestically original sofa made with carefully selected fabrics that combine functionality and quality.

For the characteristics of each fabric, please refer to " Characteristics of Ellie Series Fabrics " .


Effective utilization of the corner area of ​​the 2P-L-shaped space

You can select the L-shaped corner on the right or left side from the options when ordering.

You can change the placement of the sofa according to the floor plan, making effective use of the limited space. The living and dining space has been expanded, making your home time more comfortable and relaxing during and after meals.

Height that can be selected according to the seat height table

The seat height of 440mm is the best height for a general dining table (around H710mm). The seat height of 390mm is recommended for those who do not want to feel oppressive in the room. The height is easy to match with a low table of about H650mm.

Abundant size width Width that can be selected according to the scene

2P and 2PL are available in 3 sizes: W1200, W1400, and W1600. The bench is available in 5 sizes: W1000, W1200, W1400, W1600, and W1800.

From compact small spaces to spacious and spacious spaces, you can choose the width you like according to the size of the space, the scene and the location.

Fabric line upFabric list


Domestic fabric with vintage processing.

The more you use it, the more facial expressions will be created, and you can enjoy the change over time.

・Coll heaven 100%





14 ounce thick fabric used for outerwear and bags.

Color unevenness, wrinkles, etc. are born in areas where you sit frequently, so you can enjoy the changes over time.

·cotton 100%




Domestic moquette fabric that boasts a calm color.

It has a nostalgic aging feel and goes well with vintage furniture.

・Pile part: 100% acrylic
・Base: 65% polyester, 35% rayon



Dark brown



Light gray

dark gray

the mall

Herringbone weave mall fabric.

Put it on the sofa and it will give you a high-quality atmosphere. It goes well with modern furniture with high design.

·100% polyester%




Dark brown

nep wool

It is a fabric that is popular among women because it mixes threads of different colors and thicknesses.

The fabric goes well with vintage furniture and old Japanese furniture.

・70% wool ・30% nylon





Domestic fabrics have been used for many years on public transportation such as trains and buses because of their durability.

Recommended for those who like heavy vintage furniture.

・Pile part: 70% acrylic
・Base: 83% rayon, 17% polyester