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Free shipping on orders over 22,000 yen including tax

Aroma bath salt set

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A relaxing gift that allows you to spend your usual bath time luxuriously

What is "BALLON" aroma bath salt that relaxes the body and mind?

Aroma brand "BALLON" from Tokyo. The aromatic bath salt series is particularly popular among the care cosmetic line "BALLON APOTHECARY", which is based on the concept of healing the mind and body of urban people with the concept of using natural ingredients that have been used since ancient times and modern prescriptions.
Baron's aroma bath salt mixes rock salt collected in the unexplored land surrounded by the Himalayas, where the world's highest mountains range, and herbs and aromas from all over the world. It is a very valuable Himalayan rock salt rich in minerals.

This product is a set of 5 popular bath salts from Baron. It's a mini bottle filled with one dose, so it's perfect for gifts. Recommended for those who want to try various scents and those who want to enjoy various scents.
In addition to the aroma and the efficacy of bath salts, the bottles also contain herbs and dried flowers, so it's fun just to display them side by side, and it's a soothing item to look at.

Pleasant effect of bath salts

Bath salts have "blood circulation promotion" and "detox effect" due to minerals, and "relaxing effect" can be obtained from the scent of herbs, so you can relax your body and mind.
Minerals have the effect of softening the hot water, and are said to have the effect of warming the peripheral nerves and promoting blood circulation.
It also has a perspiration effect, and by warming the body and producing a lot of sweat, it can be expected to have a detox effect that discharges waste products accumulated in the body. On days when your feet are swollen from walking, you can expect the effects of massage while slowly soaking in bath salt water.

Preservative-free and skin-friendly formula using organic materials. It is a 100% vegan product that does not use any animal-derived ingredients and does not conduct animal experiments in the manufacturing process, making it gentle on the skin and the environment.

Easy relaxing time even in busy days

Not only the scent, but also the colors of the herbs and dried flowers are beautiful to the eye and soothing to the eye. It is an effective relaxation method for the mind and body that allows you to easily remove the fatigue of the day while releasing the five senses such as sight, smell and touch.

How to use bath salts

Very easy to use. Just transfer it to the attached organza drawstring bag and put it in the bath. Please transfer one dose (one bottle) and use it.

When you put it in hot water, the rock salt will slowly dissolve, and the steamed herbs will give off a faint scent. The string of the purse is sturdy, so you don't have to worry about the herbs jumping out into the water. I think that you can feel that the hot water becomes more and more mellow.

The large size organza allows you to enjoy the colors and shapes of the herbs. After bathing, your skin will have a faint fragrance.

After use, it is a tissue, so if you drain the water, it will become flimsy and can be easily processed.

Aromas and herbs from around the world, pleasing to look at

There are 5 types of scents. All of them have a gentle scent of herbs.

  • ROSE
    Damask rose scent that gives a gentle and gorgeous feeling (Rose *Fragrance)
    Refreshing citrus scent reminiscent of the blue sky of Florida (lemon/orange sweet/neroli/grapefruit white)
  • HERB FOREST -Herb Forest-
    A clear scent reminiscent of a church herb garden (lavender/eucalyptus/rosemary)
  • SANCTUARY -Sanctuary-
    A soothing scent like when meditating in a sacred place (Frankincense/Lavender)
  • ESPERANZA -Esperanza-
    A warm and courageous scent that awaits the light of new hope (Frankincense/Juniper/Patchouli/Lemongrass/Ginger/Eucalyptus/Marjoram)

If you want to spend an elegant and relaxing bath time, "ROSE" and "CITRON"
One of the nice effects of bath salts is that you can choose the scent you like according to your mood and relax. You can enjoy the dried mimosa flowers in the mini flower tube as an interior decoration, and use the empty bottle as a collection case for your favorite dried flowers and shells.

Take a break with the scent of aroma that spreads in the bathroom and the bath salt that heals the tiredness of the body.
I would be happy if you could relax your body and mind at the end of the day or when you are tired.
Why don't you give it to someone you care about with such thoughts?

Aroma bath salt set

set content Bath salts … 5 types x 1 each Mini flower tube (mimosa) … 1
  • ROSE
  • SANCTUARY -Sanctuary-
  • HERB FOREST -Herb Forest-
  • ESPERANZA -Esperanza-
how to use Transfer one bottle (one bottle) to the organza drawstring bag provided and put it in the bathtub.
  • Do not use the circulation function such as the reheating function of the bath. It may cause damage to the bath tub, etc. If the water becomes lukewarm, add warm water.
  • Depending on the model, you may not be able to use it for 24-hour baths, fully automatic water heaters, etc. Please check the manual for your model before use.
  • After use, remove hot water immediately and rinse thoroughly. Leaving hot water as it is may cause damage to the bathtub.
  • Please note that wooden, marble, stainless steel, and enamel bathtubs may discolor or rust.
  • If any skin abnormalities appear after use, stop using immediately and consult a specialist doctor.
  • Please remove jewelry such as precious metals before bathing.
  • Be sure to put it in the attached drawstring bag.
  • Avoid storing in direct sunlight, hot and humid environments.
  • Please note that due to the large number of orders, it may take longer than usual to deliver. We recommend ordering early.