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Free shipping on orders over 22,000 yen including tax

sheepskin chair pads

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sheepskin chair pads

size φ400mm
Color sand beige
material 100% New Zealand sheepskin
specification Long hair type (40~65mm)
Hand washing OK

100% natural sheepskin luxury chair pad

Chair ( Capt Chair )

This chair pad is perfect for the season when you miss warm materials. Compact size and easy to move. You can use it in various places in your home, and the impression of the room will increase at once.

The material is 100% natural sheepskin (mouton) from New Zealand. The excellent moisture retention, heat retention, and moisture absorption properties of nature are distinct from chemical fibers. Another great point is that it can be washed by hand.

This item is recommended for those who want to easily change the atmosphere of their room, want to incorporate autumn and winter miscellaneous goods into their interior, and those who are worried about having small children or pets or who are concerned about maintenance. is.

A high-quality space just by being in the room

Chair ( Brunch Chair / Weekend Chair / Settle Chair ), Table ( Memore Dining Table )

Not only is it vintage, but it also goes well with cool rattan chairs and rustic, and it goes well with any taste. The compact size of the chair allows you to enjoy adult styling without being too luxurious.

The color is sand beige. Depending on the color of the light and how it hits, it can look like white or gray, and depending on the direction of the fur, you can feel a rich expression and three-dimensional effect.

As you can see from the image, it has a fluffy texture that is comfortable on bare skin. It is comfortable even on bare feet, so it is also recommended as a pad for your feet. It can be used in various places.

Comfortable all year round

Mouton's features are not limited to its interior design. It is well known that wool is warm, but in the summer it also has a cooling effect. This is because the fibers can contain a lot of cold air. In addition, the moisture is absorbed into the fibers, so the surface is always dry and comfortable even during the rainy season. It doesn't get too hot or too cold even on bare skin, so you can use it comfortably all year round.

One of the points is curly hair and curly hair. The spirally wavy wool has a high density and elasticity, and maintains a feeling of envelopment and a fluffy and soft feel.

The marks left by sitting for a long period of time or the marks left by being stepped on will return to the original when brushed, hand rubbed, or rubbed a little. The unique hair quality is one of the reasons why you can continue to use it comfortably for a long time.

The surface is fluffy and voluminous and cushioned. The back side has a smooth texture. It has a firm grip when you sit down, and the pad is made of a material that does not slip easily from the chair.

Hand-washable with a tanned finish that is durable and flexible

“Tanning” is an important part of the process of commercializing sheepskin into mouton. If this process is simplified, not only the texture but also the durability and washing resistance will be inferior, so by thoroughly tanning it, it can be hand-washed at home.

You can use it with confidence even if you have small children or pets. Wool is similar to human hair in that it has a cuticle that repels water and does not absorb dirt easily. Basic maintenance can be done just by brushing, but if it is very dirty, you can wash it by hand at home. .

Add warmth and a sense of the season to your space

Chair ( Coupe bench chair / Rustic Wood tray stool ), Table ( Coupe dining table )

Antry's original sheepskin chair pad with a high-quality and mature impression. The excellent functionality and comfort of Mouton, as well as the interior, will not let you go once you use it. Please enjoy incorporating it into your favorite chair or interior.

[Maintenance method]
For daily care, basic maintenance can be done by simply brushing with a wide wire brush after shaking outdoors. If first aid is required, spot clean with a damp cloth.

[About individual differences]

Although it is a "long hair type", there are individual differences peculiar to natural materials, such as short hair and long hair. The color name is “Sand Beige” as well, but each one has a different expression, from strong beige to gray.

In addition, there are individual differences in hair quality due to nature, such as straight, wavy, and strong habits.
There are individual differences in hair length, color, and hair quality, but please note that you cannot choose.

[About traces of lining]

There may be some bleed lines left on the lining.


  • There may be some pieces of wool or loose hair left in the manufacturing process.
  • Before storing, be sure to dry in the shade, remove dust and debris, brush, and store in a dry place out of direct sunlight.
  • Avoid long-term storage in plastic bags as the wool fibers may not be able to breathe.
  • When using an insect repellent, do not allow the agent to come into direct contact with the mouton. Do not fold it or place heavy objects on it.