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Free shipping on orders over 22,000 yen including tax
Free shipping on orders over 22,000 yen including tax
2023年 和泉店 新春初売りセールのご案内

2023 Izumi store New Year's first sale information

We were able to welcome the last business day in 2022, supported by everyone's patronage. Thank you very much for coming to our store.

We will do our best so that you can enjoy shopping at the ANTRY Izumi store in 2023, so we appreciate your continued patronage.

It's getting colder day by day, so please take care of yourself.
We wish you all the best in your life.

The new year's sale at the Izumi store will start at 10:00 on Tuesday, January 3, 2023. We will introduce some of the advantageous plans as soon as possible.

Please check here for the first sale of the online store.

1F Miscellaneous Goods/Clothing Floor

We hold a popular winter sale every year. In the miscellaneous goods corner, various items such as household goods and kitchen goods are available. This year, we also have an original gift set sale that includes ANTRY's carefully selected items. There are also plenty of bargain baskets. In the fashion corner, you can find classic sock brand lucky bags and popular brands on sale!

Please enjoy New Year's shopping at ANTRY.

ANTRY ORIGINAL GIFTSETS - Original gift set sale -

This year, we have prepared a special gift set that the staff carefully wrapped one by one. It is recommended not only as a gift for your loved ones, but also as a reward for yourself.

The towel set "HAPPY BOX" is a set that includes towels, skin care products, and fragrances.
The towels are Senshu towels, which are fluffy and highly absorbent, and Imabari towels, which are the highest quality made with a unique manufacturing method. Both are high-quality materials that are carefully selected from raw materials to finishing.

○ Gratin dish set ○
A popular pottery maker's gratin dish and cocotte are included in the set. The warm colors and chubby design are perfect for the winter dining table. The rustic atmosphere that complements the food will add a little fun to your daily meals. It is a vessel that you can feel the joy of how to use it depending on the arrangement, such as gratin and stew.

○ Glass base set ○
A set of natural-taste vase and dried flowers made of natural materials and glass. Since it is made of glass, it looks beautiful when filled with water, and you can see various expressions depending on how the light hits it. It is recommended not only for voluminous bouquets and branch greens, but also as a vase. You can enjoy it all year round because you can arrange multiple items in different shapes and sizes, or add one of your favorites as an accent, and it will blend in with your room regardless of the place or season.


We have prepared a lucky bag of a popular sock brand that is popular every year. The 3 types of happy bags by price are limited in quantity, so hurry up ◎


50% off L size hand-woven basket "TAM series" using natural materials. TAM, which has a refreshing scent and a relaxing feeling, is a fun series with various knitting patterns such as classical stripe patterns and openwork knitting in rough forms.

This time, you can purchase a large-capacity type L size, which is rarely seen in natural material baskets, at a great price. You can take it home in brand new condition in a box. Enjoy how it gradually blends in with your room over time.

2F furniture floor


We will hold a furniture outlet sale where you can purchase exhibits such as sofas and sofa covers, and some of the current products at 30% OFF up to 50% OFF.
In addition, there is also a sale of small furniture such as cushions and poufs that use recycled cotton with a rich texture that can be easily incorporated into the interior. A flat-type pouf can be combined with a cushion to create a low-style interior with a sense of openness.
Don't miss this opportunity as some products are only available in January.

ANTRY Izumi store business schedule during the year-end and New Year holidays

Year-end and New Year holidays: December 26 (Mon) - January 2 (Mon)
First sale: January 3 (Tue), 4 (Wed) 10:00-18:00
Temporary closure: January 5th (Thursday), 6th (Friday)
Normal business hours: January 7 (Sat) ~ 10:00-18:00

All the staff are looking forward to your visit.

  • This new year's sale information is about "ANTRY Izumi store". Please check here for the first sale of the online store.
  • Sale items are limited in quantity. Please note that it will end as soon as it is gone.
  • We do not accept returns or exchanges of sale items. Please check the condition, contents, size, etc. before purchasing.
  • The furniture for the outlet sale was displayed at the store. Although there are scratches and dirt, it will be handed over as it is. Please check the condition and size carefully before purchasing.
  • Reservations and reservations cannot be made by phone or email.
  • Inquiries during the year-end and New Year holidays will be handled sequentially from January 3. It may take some time for us to reply. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.
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