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Free shipping on orders over 22,000 yen including tax
Free shipping on orders over 22,000 yen including tax
Teha'amana展 -2023 ANTRY受注会-

Teha'amana Exhibition -2023 ANTRY Ordering Event-

At the Izumi store, we are holding an order meeting for "Teha'amana", which has a workshop in Osaka, from March 18th (Sat) to March 26th (Sun).
This is a valuable opportunity to see various products such as bags and pouches that are not usually available at ANTRY.

In addition, new items that are useful for the outing season such as new wallets, glasses cases, coin cases, and new bags will be unveiled.

There will also be products that can only be seen at ANTRY, such as the custom-made color of Tehamana's standard bag, so please look forward to it ◎

Tehamana's products are created by craftsmen with all their hearts, sparing no effort in handwork. You can pick up a lot of types, see and feel the colors and textures, and place an order.
Please come to the Izumi store at this opportunity.
Click here for products available at the online store

■ Teha'amana Exhibition -2023 ANTRY Order Meeting-

Date : March 18th (Sat) - March 26th (Sun)
Location : ANTRY Izumi 1F (Miscellaneous Goods/Clothing Floor)
Order pick-up location : ANTRY Izumi

*Some products are in stock and can be taken home *Delivery time varies depending on the product. We will let you know the delivery time when you place your order.

ANTRY Izumi 1F (Miscellaneous Goods/Clothing Floor)
Business hours 10:00 - 18:00
Closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays (excluding holidays)

We have a workshop and gallery (open days only) in Kawachinagano City, Osaka Prefecture, and our craftsmen spare no effort in making them by hand. The tanned leather we mainly use is eco-friendly vegetable tanned leather. We use leather tanned with tannins extracted from the skins and fruits of natural plants. It takes more time than other leathers, but you can enjoy the natural texture. The more you use it, the softer it becomes, the deeper the color of the leather, and the more it acquires a unique sheen. I hope you can enjoy such a secular change. It has been a policy since the establishment of Tehamana that we try not to waste leather and do not mass-produce it.

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