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Free shipping on orders over 22,000 yen including tax
HARIO ガラスアクセサリーコレクション

HARIO glass accessories collection

A glass accessory that is perfect for a simple summer outfit with a delicate expression that sparkles in the light.

HARIO, a heat-resistant glass manufacturer founded in 1921, is familiar with ANTRY as well as kitchenware. We are holding a POPUP of the glass accessory brand "HARIO Lampwork Factory", which was born from HARIO to inherit the craftsmanship of craftsmen.

Free expression with motifs such as drops, flowers, plants, rainbows, and the sea is a design that is unique to heat-resistant glass, which is easy to stretch, connect, and process.
In addition, heat-resistant glass has a lighter specific gravity than other types of glass, making it less stressful to wear. It seems to be very useful in this season when you sweat a lot.

In this POPUP, about 80 kinds of products such as necklaces, pierced earrings, earrings, hair accessories, etc. will be displayed, including new products for spring and summer.

In the unlikely event that it is damaged, it can be repaired, so it is a product that we would like to wear even for adult women who are careful with things.

Please take your time and look at the gentle expression and texture unique to handwork at the store. We look forward to.

HARIO glass accessories collection

period August 10th (Sat) - September 1st (Sun)
place ANTRY Izumi 1F
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