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Free shipping on orders over 22,000 yen including tax
TE kara TE spice box 発売記念イベント

TE kara TE spice box launch event

July 4th (Sun) 11:30 start

Smoked and deep-fried skewers shop TE kara TE, which was well received at the ANTRY 20th anniversary event, will release a handmade set of bean curry "spice box (bean curry)" that you can make at home. To commemorate the release, we will hold an event where you can actually eat bean curry. In addition to curry, TE kara TE's standard spice cola and smoked cheesecake are also available.
New products spice box (bean curry), spice cola, and smoked plums will also be on sale at ANTRY at the same time, so please take this opportunity to visit us.

Menu of the day

3 kinds of bean curry

A curry where you can enjoy the "deep flavor" of 3 kinds of beans. It's a satisfying taste that doesn't seem to be animal-free.

spice cola

It features a unique blend of spices and the gentle sweetness of cane sugar. Add plenty of vanilla beans to create a cola with a refreshing aftertaste while leaving an impact.

smoked cheese cake

Smoked whole homemade baked cheesecake. The finish is smoky yet has a good aftertaste. It goes well with wine.

Sale product

spice box 3 kinds of bean curry

spicebox is a TE kara TE original curry spice set that allows you to easily and quickly make authentic curry and rice using only familiar ingredients and tools. You can enjoy the basic recipe alone, but the range of recipes can be expanded depending on the arrangement. Enjoy your time at home, camping, and the occasion.

spice cola

Proprietary blend of spices. Gentle sweetness of cane sugar. “Spice cola” is a luxurious addition of vanilla beans.
The aftertaste is refreshing while leaving an impact. "Coke High" in addition to whiskey. "Cork beer" in addition to beer. It is also recommended for syrups such as ice cream. Please enjoy 3-fold dilution as a guide.

smoked plum

Smoked honey plums procured from plum farmers in Mie Prefecture. Recommended with cream cheese. Of course, you can also enjoy it with rice.


date and time July 4th (Sun) 11:30~ (1 day limited event)
place ANTRY Entrance

TE Kara TE × COKA animal rescue

A curry that is completely animal-free and gentle on the body and animals. A portion of the sales will be donated to COKA activities.

●×▲=■ project vol.1

■ is completed by multiplying ● and ▲. Regardless of the genre, this project was born from the desire to expand the new world with discoveries (awareness) that are born by combining various fields and "cooking". The first is COKA animal rescue × TE kara TE, which is working to protect dogs and cats. Let's make a delicious curry that is kind to both animals and the body with spice box.

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