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Free shipping on orders over 22,000 yen including tax
新入荷 おすすめバスケット

New Arrival Recommended Basket

No matter how many baskets you have, they are convenient and you will want to collect them. Small and shallow items can be used as an accessory case, and deep items can be used as a simple drawer in a color box. A basket that can be used as an interior decoration even if it is casually placed can be said to be a must-have storage item for showing.

Irala basket born with advanced hand-knitting technology

Baskets carefully woven one by one by Tonga women in southern Zambia. It features a unique pattern woven with traditional Tongan motifs.

It will be a picture even if it is displayed on the wall or placed on a shelf or table.

This time, we also have a deep bowl type "Irala Bowl Basket" in stock.
Ilala is also introduced in detail in "NEW! Ilala basket has arrived" , so be sure to check it out.

Simple circle tray basket that feels the nature of Africa

A basket made in a village in Mali, West Africa. Like Ilala, each one is hand-knitted. It is a gem that you can feel the simple texture and warmth of aquatic plants called straw.

It has a solid firmness and a sense of stability, so it can be used as a tray for holding cups and snacks. It seems to be useful not only around the kitchen, but also around the desk by putting stationery and sewing tools.

A basket that naturally fits in various scenes such as the entrance, kitchen, living room, and bedroom. The presence of natural materials in the interior gives the room a warm and gentle impression.
There are various materials and designs, so please choose your favorite basket and incorporate it into your life and enjoy it.

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