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\Summer big sale/Now being held [until July 30]
\Summer big sale/Now being held [until July 30]

nebulizing diffuser orbs


nebulizing diffuser orb

size Body: φ80 x H152mm, about 376g
Exterior: W110×D233×H93mm, about 500g
specification Power supply: DC 5V (included USB cable)
Atomization method: Nebulizer Maximum diffusion capacity: Approximately 70㎡ (approximately 40 tatami mats) *
Oil consumption: about 1ml per hour when the strength of the fragrance is at its maximum *
Operation mode: Intermittent operation (2 minutes operation, 1 minute stop)
Automatic stop function: Yes (about 2 hours)
Oil used: 100% natural essential oil (undiluted)
*Varies depending on usage environment and type of oil.
  • Diffuser body x 1
  • Flask for Orb x 1
  • Silencer x 1
  • Flask cap x 1
  • USB cable x 1

A diffuser that delivers a rich scent to the space, focusing on the goodness of the scent

A full-fledged nebulizer-type diffuser that delivers the essential oil's original high-quality scent to the space without spoiling it. The scent comes out quickly, and spreads the scent quickly and firmly in a large space. Enjoy the scent of fresh, high-quality essential oils.

What is a nebulizer type?

A spray method that uses air pressure to create a mist of oil that spreads into space without using fire or heat. No water is added, so you can feel the scent of the essential oil itself.

Pleasant to the eye. Design that blends seamlessly into any space

The transparency of the glass flask and the smooth shape of the cement base give it a beautiful presence. The beautiful natural color of the oil that can be seen through the glass is pleasing not only to the scent but also to the eye, and it blends gently into any space or interior.

A full range of accessory items

In order to make “Orb” easier to use and deliver a more enjoyable scent experience, we have focused on accessory items.

● Flask cap (attached to main unit)
When the diffuser is not in use, cover the flask to prevent dust from entering.
*It is not for long-term storage with oil in it.

Flask (sold separately)
A glass flask exclusively for Orbs. For when you want to use multiple scents interchangeably or when the flask is damaged. With silencer and flask cap.
*One flask is included with the orb body.
* Silencers and flask caps are not sold separately.

Flask stand (sold separately)
A stand for standing up and storing flasks dedicated to orbs. You can stand up to 2 flasks. The same cement material as the pedestal of the orb body.

Diffuser cleaner (sold separately)
Cleaner for cleaning the diffuser. Contains eucalyptus and other oils to reduce irritation during cleansing.

【how to use】

Attach the attached flask to the pedestal of the diffuser body and fill the flask with 100% natural essential oil (up to 10ml). Attach the silencer to the flask and turn on the power. Turn the knob on the power supply to adjust the strength of the scent.
* Use the included USB cable for power supply.


  • Oil sold separately.
  • Glass flasks, silencers and flask caps are individually handcrafted by craftsmen. Therefore, there are individual differences in the shape and amount of spray. Also, due to the glass manufacturing process, there may be small bubbles or black spots, but please note that this is not a defect.
  • The pedestal of the diffuser body uses natural cement, so there are individual differences in the fineness and color of the eyes. Also, there may be small holes called "nests" that are created during the manufacturing process. Please note that this is a characteristic of cement and not a defect.
  • Nebulizer-type diffusers generate a certain amount of vibration noise due to the characteristics of the spray method that spreads the oil into a mist with the power of the air pressure generated by the built-in pump. Not suitable for use at bedtime.
  • Oil consumption varies depending on the oil used and the environment.
  • Product specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice for improvement.