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Free shipping on orders over 22,000 yen including tax
Free shipping on orders over 22,000 yen including tax

About reserved products

Please check before booking.

Items marked as "reserved items" on the product display screen (above) are items that can be pre-ordered from ANTRY ONLINE STORE and items scheduled to arrive next time. Before placing an order, be sure to check the arrival time information (see chart below) on the product page.

・Reservation method

Reservation acceptance will be completed by confirming the order payment. We do not accept reservations without payment.

*Because of the advance payment method, depending on the delivery date, the credit card will be debited before the product is delivered.

*In the case of bank transfer, the reservation will not be completed until the payment is confirmed.

* It is possible to purchase this product at the same time as other products, but please see the details below.

・Delivery time and arrival time

The "arrival time" listed on each page is not the expected delivery time to the customer. After arrival, it will be shipped in order of order, and it will be delivered within one month from the scheduled arrival time, although it depends on the number of reservations.

The delivery date may be delayed due to production and delivery reasons, and the delivery date is only a "reference". We strive to deliver to all customers as soon as possible, but we do not guarantee the arrival time or delivery date, so please refrain from specifying the delivery date and time.

If the stock is ready before the arrival due to order cancellation etc., it may be shipped earlier than the scheduled time.

・Reservations sold out

If the reserved product is displayed as "sold out" (above), it will be "sold out next time" and will not be available for pre-order. We will start pre-order sales once the next shipment is confirmed, so please wait until then.

At that time, the "[Restock/Order start] Notification Mail" button (above) will be displayed on the product page to notify you of the start of orders, so please register.

・About bundling with other products

Basically, as soon as the reserved items arrive, they will be shipped together, but depending on the circumstances of our store, depending on the product, we may send it separately first, but since one shipping fee is charged per order, If you wish to send it separately, we will charge a separate shipping fee.