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Free shipping on orders over 22,000 yen including tax
Free shipping on orders over 22,000 yen including tax

To customers who are considering purchasing the Coupe series

Characteristics of this series and solid teak

There are individual differences in each, there is no same thing

The wood used in this series is made to take advantage of the natural state, leaving the wild ears that are usually difficult to use. Since the knots and holes are used as they are, there are individual differences, but please understand that this is a characteristic of the material.

Aging occurs (warping, cracking, changes in appearance)

Since solid wood is used, shrinkage and warping due to changes in temperature and humidity, and cracks at knots and holes may occur. It is a proof that the material is alive, and it is a natural expression, and it is also the reason for the beautiful expression, so please understand it as a characteristic of the material.
If you are concerned about cracks at knots, seams, or hangnails, you can use commercially available beeswax, putty, sandpaper, etc. for repairing wood to make them less noticeable.

It has a surface finish that retains its texture and texture.

The rustic texture and texture are purposefully finished with almost no paint so that you can enjoy the change over time, and the top plate of the table is treated with a simple water-repellent finish that does not impair the texture. Depending on the usage environment, the effect will weaken in about half a year to a year, and stains and color changes will occur more easily.
If you want to keep it clean for a long time, we recommend that you pay close attention to moisture and high temperatures and perform frequent maintenance.

We check the material and add shreds (break prevention) and warp prevention.

Chigiri is a process used to prevent cracks in wood from progressing and to prevent planks from being cut off.
Generally, wood pieces processed into shapes like butterflies or ribbons are embedded in cracks or joints of wood.
As it absorbs moisture, it expands and becomes a stronger bond. Recently, it is often used to enhance the design, and sometimes the wood of a conspicuous color is used.
Solid wood absorbs and releases moisture from the air. A large tabletop, such as a table, may move several centimeters. We identify the characteristics of these trees and make use of them to prevent warping. They are mainly made of wood and iron, and sometimes have trenches dug. Depending on the shape of the leg and the number of pieces to be joined together, anti-warping may not be necessary.

Pay attention to usage and environment

Please refrain from using the product for purposes other than its intended purpose, as it may cause damage or injury due to the burden or impact on the furniture.
If you use it outside a window exposed to sunlight, outdoors, or in a room other than a normal home, especially in a room with a strong air conditioner, it is easy to crack due to sudden impressions, so please be careful about the installation location. Also, if you apply oil or wax easily, it will change to a dark color like a wet color, so please be careful of the maintenance agent used.