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Free shipping on orders over 22,000 yen including tax


Ellie series


Scandinavian taste compact sofa

4 different fabrics to choose from
Choose your favorite style with 7 color variations

Sizing that takes into consideration Japanese floor plans and a low-height balance are key points


Slim design that creates a low-height space and does not feel oppressive

A compact Ellie sofa with a smart Scandinavian taste. The height is low, and the legs are slender and loose, so there is less pressure, and the straight design and beautiful back make it a great room divider.


Stable and low seat surface that does not sink too much and does not get tired even when sitting for a long time

Urethane foam is used for the seating surface and back material to maintain a natural posture. It has a moderate hardness that does not sink. The low seat surface is not only easy to sit on and stand up from, but also allows you to rest your body firmly on it.


Fabric that combines function and quality Beautifully tailored leather With or without arms to choose from

Upholstery is available in 3 types/4 colors of fabric, including corduroy, and 3 colors of vintage nubuck leather. An armless type can be selected for the arm using solid oak wood that feels comfortable to the touch. It has a slender finish to match Ellie's sophisticated design. You can customize the arm/color according to your favorite style.


Upholstery line-up

The fabrics of the Ellie series are carefully selected fabrics that combine functionality and quality, from basic fabrics with a plain look to fabrics that feature a luxurious weave. The leather is carefully tanned and has a vintage nubuck finish that makes it feel smooth to the touch.


Fabric with a vintage finish. The more you use it, the more facial expressions will be created, and you can enjoy the change over time.

○ 100% cotton, rough processing ○ green, brown


14 ounce thick fabric used for outerwear and bags. Color unevenness and wrinkles are born in areas where you sit frequently, so you can enjoy the change over time.

○ Cotton 100%
○ Khaki


Due to its durability, this fabric has been used for many years on public transportation such as trains and buses. Recommended for those who like heavy vintage furniture.

○ Acrylic 100%
○ Olive


Beautifully tailored leather that combines suppleness and firmness, elegance and durability. The cow's scratches and stains are intentionally left as they are, with a vintage-like finish to create a sense of unevenness.

○ Nume Leather Oil Leather ○ Terracotta, Brown, Gray

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