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\Summer big sale/Now being held [until July 30]
\Summer big sale/Now being held [until July 30]
Living with Art 〜3人のフランス人作家とリトグラフ展〜

Living with Art ~3 French Artists and Lithograph Exhibition~

Living with Art, an art exhibition with the theme of living with art will start on Saturday, May 1st.
In addition to lithograph works by three French artists, we also exhibit and sell other original works.

The lithographs on display this time were produced using the old-fashioned method of stone slabs, and have a taste that cannot be expressed with metal slabs. Please take a look at this opportunity.

Living with Art ~3 French Artists and Lithograph Exhibition~

period May 1st (Sat) ~ June 28th (Mon)
Venue ANTRY 2F
Writer Emmanuel Osda/Laurent Matherin/André Duplessy
  • This is a store-only event.

What is lithography

A printmaking technique that utilizes the scientific reaction principle of "water and oil repulsion". The production process can be broadly divided into “drawing,” in which a picture is drawn on a flat stone with oil-based drawing materials, “plate-making processing,” in which chemicals, water, oil-based ink, etc. It is divided into 3 processes of printing.

This method was discovered by chance in 1798 by A. Senefelder of Germany, and has a history of more than 100 years. The feature is that the drawing can be copied as it is like printing without scraping the surface of the plate. It is a printing method that is loved by many artists because it can faithfully reproduce fine expressions such as blurring, blurring, gradation, pointillism, and the pressure of the artist.

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