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Make your everyday life special. Story of a new sense towel

Awakening face wash, hand wash, bath. Towels are one of the essential items in our lives. Pay attention to what you eat for your health, and stick to cosmetics for your skin. Comfortable underwear and clothes are also important.

How about towels that come into direct contact with your skin every day? Don't you tend to forget its existence so familiar? This time, we will focus on such towels and tell you the charm of high-quality towels.

Towel brands MAISON BLANC , Landwell Hotel , faisdodo , which are very popular in ANTRY. In order to explore this appeal, I interviewed Shinko Towel, who manufactures it, and heard a valuable story.

A new sensation towel that you can't taste anywhere else

Shinko Towel is a towel factory located in Izumisano City, Osaka Prefecture, the base of Senshu towel manufacturing. The biggest feature is that we manufacture towels with "offset yarn", a yarn developed for knitting machines such as T-shirts and socks, made from the finest natural Supima cotton. Offset yarn is highly absorbent, making it an ideal towel yarn, but it is delicate and easy to break, making it extremely difficult to handle. However, after repeated trial and error in pursuit of "high-quality towels," a towel with a new sensation that achieves the best wiping comfort was born through the fusion of technology with craftsmen.

This technology is unique to Shinko Towel, making it a special towel that cannot be found in other towels.

This is the point!

high water absorption

This is the most important feature for towels. After wiping, if the skin is still sticky, it means that there is moisture remaining = it is not absorbing moisture. Shinko Towel is the most ideal towel that takes advantage of the texture of "natural cotton's original water absorbency" and "special double structure offset yarn". It absorbs moisture and instantly absorbs moisture the moment it touches your skin, reducing the time it takes to get out of the bath and dry your hair.

very clean and safe

No softener is used in the final process of towel manufacturing, and the paste and dirt are washed away, so you can use the freshly grated towel immediately. In addition, natural cypress oil is used for antibacterial and deodorant processing. Keeps it clean and prevents the smell of half-dried laundry. No fabric softener is required when washing.

pleasant touch

You can feel the softness and comfort just by touching the towel. Even babies and those with sensitive skin will be satisfied with the gentle texture. It has excellent water absorption, so there is no need to wipe it roughly, and it is gentle on the skin, so you can stay dry and comfortable from the moment it touches your skin. Shinko Towel's original brands, MAISON BLANC , Landwell Hotel , and faisdodo make the most of this technology.

Commonalities of the three brands

Features of the three brands

Recommended care method

In order to maintain the softness, comfort, and beauty of towels for a long time, the towel craftsman believes that "towels should be washed with just the towels!"

The ideal way to wash your towels is to separate them into similar colors and wash the towels alone. Don't put it in the net and don't put fabric softener in it. When you think of laundry, you may think of fabric softener, but fabric softener coats the towel fibers with an oil film, which weakens the absorbency of the towel.

When drying, leave a space between the laundry and dry it in a well-ventilated place regardless of whether it is sunny or not. The point when drying is to hold the short side (hem) of the towel and press it twice! shake. Switch to the hem on the other side and make it even more! The pile rises up to create a fluffy and soft finish.

After washing your face or after taking a bath, you can wrap your face and body softly for that perfect moment. It's something you use every day, so if you take care of it a little more, you'll be more satisfied with your daily life and your heart will be richer.

Shinko Towel comes with "Daily Care" instructions. Please use it as a reference for washing.

towel life

Towels also have a shelf life. Although it depends on the frequency of use, we recommend replacing it every six months to a year. The old towels after replacement can be used for various purposes, such as car washing, gardening, and rags, even if they do not come in direct contact with the body. If you take good care of it, you will become attached to it. Because it is such a favorite towel, you will want to keep using it all the time. Shinko Towel will continue to be a part of your life.

For those who prefer firm towels

It feels good to wipe it off. However, it can cause skin problems, so be careful. Rather than rubbing the towel, using it with the image of "applying it to the skin and absorbing it" will not damage the skin. If you prefer hard towels, we recommend the Landwell Hotel .

Our online store only carries MAISON BLANC and Landwell Hotel, but you can also see accessories other than faisdodo and towels at ANTRY Izumi store. Please come by all means.


Landwell Hotel Towel

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