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Free shipping on orders over 22,000 yen including tax
Free shipping on orders over 22,000 yen including tax

Basic 3-piece set (choice of tree, cover, and light)

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¥23,100 - ¥31,790
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Basic 3-piece set to decorate Christmas

Christmas tree, tree cover, LED wire light. You can purchase a set of three standard Christmas decoration items all at once.

Please note that ornaments and other products are not included.
Click here for the list of ornaments

You can choose your favorite tree from 2 types and 2 sizes each: ``HUONE'' and ``URHO''.

``HUONE'' is a classic Christmas tree characterized by its realistic texture and volume. It's a rich and elegant tree that looks great with lights and ornaments, and is beautiful even as a nude tree.

The branches and leaves are modeled after the beautiful ``white pine'' of the Pinaceae family. The deep green color goes well with chic interiors, and goes well with vintage, antique furniture, and simple modern furniture.

*Ornaments are not included.
Ornament used: ANTRY recommended ornament [for Huone] Brown

New work "URHO" debuting in 2023. I imagined a Christmas tree that appears in the story. This tree is characterized by its slim branches that can be expanded or curled to suit your taste.

This color is also based on deep green, but it is accented with wire craft representing flat branches and leaves and withered branches, giving it a more chic and deep color.

Beige wire craft that stretches out too tightly at first may hit your hands or face, so be sure to curl the tip toward the center of the trunk. Do not let children do the work; adults should do it.
It's a little time consuming, but if you're concerned about the tip of the wire craft, you can rest assured by bending the wire so that the tip is rounded. If you do this in the first year, you won't need to do this the following year.

*Ornaments are not included.
Ornament used: ANTRY recommended ornament [for Urho] Silver

Click here for Christmas tree items

The tree cover, which is perfect for both Huone and Urho trees, is made from rare recycled teak wood. You can create the appearance of a full-fledged tree, as if you put a real tree inside the plant cover.

Recycled teak is a new material that revives teak, a high-quality wood that has been used as interior material for many years. The deep texture is attractive. This is a quaint product that retains the roughness that is unique to the handiwork of craftsmen and the taste that comes with aging.

Click here for the tree cover separately

To light up the Christmas tree, we have LED wire lights with twinkling light particles that look like stars. It has an elegant shine that is not too overpowering. You can easily select from 8 types of light, including faint lighting, lively flickering, and MIX mode, with a compact switch.

It supports both USB and AC, so you can use it for long periods of time without worrying.

*Ornaments are not included.
Ornaments used: No.35 Mini Lily , No.34 Lily Champagne , No.37 Petit Champagne Jewel

Click here for single LED wire light

Since the tree is assembled, it can be neatly stored in one box during the off-season, saving space. The original storage bag (sold separately) can store all three items, so be sure to purchase them as well.

*Sold separately. Tree bag is not included in the set.

Click here for tree bags

About size

《150cm / 140cm》
Just the right size, not too big and not too small. Although it is compact, it has the same three-dimensional feel as 180cm. This size is popular as a second tree because it matches any space, such as the living room, dining room, children's room, bedroom, entrance, etc.

《180cm / 170cm》
It is a full-fledged size that allows you to enjoy the realistic atmosphere of a real tree. It has a three-dimensional appearance in both height and depth, so if you display it in your living room, dining room, or any place where people gather, you can fully enjoy the Christmas mood.

Please check the details of each product on each product page.

Huone Tree "size"
150cm: approx. W720 H1500mm
180cm: approx. W840 H1800mm

PVC, iron, natural pine cone (sterilized)

・Assembly type・With pine cones (around 20 pieces)
・Hinged type that allows the branches to fall easily

How to assemble Huone Tree
Instruction manual (PDF)
Urho Tree "size"
140cm: Approximately W650~700 H1400mm
170cm: approx. W750~950 H1700mm

PVC, iron

Assembly type

How to assemble Urho Tree
Instruction manual (PDF)
led wire light ・Length 10m
・100 LED lights (power consumption 3W)
・8-level blinking adjustment ・USB connection type AC adapter
Teak tree cover "size"
For 140/150: Approx. W345 D345 H250mm
For 170/180: Approx. W380 D380 H300mm

recycled teak

・This product is made from old materials. Cracks, chips, cracks, scratches, dowel holes, screw holes, etc. can be seen in many places.
・Since it is made of wood, its moisture content increases and decreases depending on the environment, and its size and shape tend to change easily. Gaps in the seams, warping, bending, and cracks may occur.
・Please be careful not to apply a load or apply a strong impact due to dropping, as this may cause distortion or damage.
・Although this product has large individual differences, we cannot accept requests for color or characteristics. note that.
set content
  • Ornaments are not included.
  • Due to the characteristics of Huone Tree's material, the threads on the surface of the parts have some fluff. If the branches and leaves are lying down, you can stand them up by standing them upright or rubbing them.
  • Urho Tree is a product that emphasizes design. Because it uses wire, there is a risk of injury if it hits your hands or face. When assembling or decorating, be sure to wear long sleeves and the included cloth gloves or thick work gloves. Also, be sure to have an adult perform the work.
  • Urho Tree's legs are made of iron. When moving the tree, do not drag it; lift it from the bottom, as this may damage the floor. If you are concerned about this, you can place a layer of felt or soft cloth to make it safer.
  • Depending on the branch, the length of the leaves may be uneven.
  • There may be excess film covering the tree branches, or the film may have come off.
  • There are some parts where the tips of the branches are sharp. Please wear gloves and handle with care when assembling.
  • If you order online, we cannot pick it up at the store.
  • Specifications are subject to change without notice. Please note.