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\Summer big sale/Now being held [until July 30]
\Summer big sale/Now being held [until July 30]

[Single Item] Teak Tree Cover

[3-piece set] The Christmas tree Full set The Christmas Tree, teak tree cover and wire light. You can buy 3 standard items for Christmas decorations together.

[Single Item] Teak Tree Cover

size [150cm]
External dimensions: about W345 D345 H250 (mm)
Inside dimensions: about W325 D325 H250 (mm)
External dimensions: about W380 D380 H300 (mm)
Inside dimensions: about W360 D360 H300 (mm)
price 150: ¥6,600
180: ¥7,700
Material recycled teak
  • It is a limited quantity item. Please note that sales will end when the planned number of arrivals is exceeded.
  • Items will be shipped as soon as they arrive, but if you order multiple items at once, they will be shipped after all the items are in stock.
  • Orders placed online cannot be picked up at the store.
seasonal products
Limited quantity

Wooden tree cover that enhances the appearance of the Christmas tree

The popular tree cover is renewed every year. It is a clean impression using rare recycled teak. Available in sizes for ANTRY original Christmas trees 150cm and 180cm.

By using a cover, the stability of the tree is improved, and you can create a full-fledged tree appearance that looks like a real tree in a plant cover.

This year, we have prepared a full set that includes a tree, a tree cover, and a wire light. The tree will be shipped separately because the shipping source is different, but as soon as you have all three, you can immediately assemble and enjoy the decoration.

The material is "recycled teak", which is a newly revived high-grade teak that has been used for furniture and interior materials for many years. The deep texture is attractive. We intentionally left the roughness unique to craftsmen's handiwork and the taste of aging.

Both 150 and 180 are sized to fit A4 size. After Christmas, this item can be used as a bookshelf, display shelf, or side table.

[About recycled teak]

  • Dowel holes, screw holes, scratches, etc. can be seen in many places. Please note.
  • Teak has the effect of adjusting the moisture in the air, and it expands and contracts repeatedly. The moisture content fluctuates depending on the environment, and the size and shape of wood tends to change.
  • There may be chips or small scratches when the product arrives, but it is unavoidable due to the nature of the material. note that.

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