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\Summer big sale/Now being held [until July 30]
\Summer big sale/Now being held [until July 30]

Square pot


An original ceramic pot with attractive monochrome colors and patterns

A ceramic pot with a random diamond pattern and stripe pattern. The point is the monochrome color and square shape that are easy to match with various interiors.

It is finished by hand, and the pattern and texture are different one by one. The modern design and handmade warm atmosphere will be a good accent just by casually decorating. It will easily fit into a special space such as vintage or old furniture.

It is popular for its simple shape and easy-to-use size that you can have as many as you want. It looks like an object that can be enjoyed just by arranging it, so the more you combine it, the more atmosphere it will create.
List of original pottery bases

With primitive patterns and basic colors, you can feel the warm texture. It is a silhouette and color that does not choose the place to put it or the plant to match. It is recommended not only as a vase, but also as an object.

[About product features]

It is made by hand to preserve the natural texture and texture. Surface patterns and textures vary from product to product, but this is a characteristic of handmade products.

square pot

size W135 D135 H135mm
Material pottery
  • There are no pot holes. Please use it as a pot cover and remove the watering of the plant from the pot. Also, water may seep out, so please put a saucer when you put the plant in.
  • Natural is made by hand to preserve the texture and texture. The surface pattern is different for each product, but it is unique to handmade products.