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\Summer big sale/Now being held [until July 30]
\Summer big sale/Now being held [until July 30]

Towel gift (futon face towel & closet tag)

Color: Awakening White

Seasonal change with a fresh scent

A futon face towel that feels like it will hug you and has a firm elasticity, and a closet tag from APOTHEKE FRAGRANCE, a room fragrance brand where all work from manufacturing to packaging is done by hand. It is a set towel gift set.

You can enjoy hanging it on closet bars, door knobs, towel hangers, etc. The scent is a fruity fig scent “Fig”. Enjoy the changing seasons with fresh scents.
There is also a closet tag sold separately.

The futon face towel is made of non-twisted yarn pile that is absorbent and has a sense of volume wrapped in a gentle softly woven gauze. While maintaining softness, this towel has increased volume and absorbency that could not be achieved with gauze alone, and suppresses fluff shedding.

Recommended not only for bathing, but also for washing your face and hands, and for going out.

We will send it with ANTRY's original gift wrapping.

The more you wash the futon face towel, the softer it becomes. A simple design that is gentle on the skin. It is gentle on baby's skin and can be used by men and women of all ages.

Perfect for the coming season of the rainy season and the change of season. Would you like to send a set of comfortable towels and a pleasant scent that will soothe your heart as a gift for your loved ones?

We also have a set of futon bath towels and aroma bath salts as a gift.

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Towel gift (futon face towel & closet tag)

set content Futon towel (face towel) … 1 piece Apotheque fragrance closet tag Fig … 1 piece *You cannot choose the scent.

【Face towel】

size W310 L800mm
material 100% cotton
Color White (Awakening)
Gray (drowsy)
Country of origin Japan
  • Dark colors may fade or transfer due to friction or wetness.
  • Please be especially careful of friction with white objects.
  • When washing, do not wash it with other items or leave it wet.
  • Do not use chlorine bleach.
  • Since it is a towel product, some fluff will fall off.
  • There may be fluff, dust, lint, etc. attached during the manufacturing process.

[Closet tag]

size W90 H210mm
Internal capacity 1 piece (fragrance: fig)
specification Perfume, paper, aluminum packaging
Estimated period of use about a month
How to use Take out the main body from the package and hang it in your favorite space such as the room, closet, entrance, locker, toilet, etc., and enjoy the scent.
  • Be sure to read and keep the instructions on the back of the package before use.
  • It is not food, so please do not put it in your mouth.
  • This product is impregnated with fragrance, so if it comes in contact with your skin, immediately wash it off with soap.
  • Be sure to hang this product when using it. Be careful not to touch cloth, resin, painted surfaces, etc. when installing. The surface that comes into contact with this product may be discolored or deformed, so please handle with care.